Mosconi Gladen PICO 8|12 DSP - Eight Channel Amplifier

by Mosconi
Sold out
Rs. 85,990.00

8-channel DSP amplifier with 12-channel DSP

Designed to be as small as possible for a complete audio system, the Gladen Pico 8|12 offers impeccable control of input signals and includes a universal interface to connect with OEM head units. It boasts a 3×9 band parametric equaliser, the option to deal with any delays and differences in level (gain) on its inputs plus a flexible mixer for signal routing. The high-speed PWM stages process 96kHz/24-bit audio streams directly, with 12 channels of DSP feeding eight Class G/H amplifiers. As the first Mosconi Gladen device to work directly with the Gladen Aures in-car measuring system, it makes integration easier than ever. It provides automatic DSP setup and centre channel management, with mixing, straight summation or special algorithm matrix options all possible. 

Technical specifications:
  • Power at 4 ohms: 8x 60W RMS
  • 2 ohms stable
  • Class G/H
  • Molex terminals
  • ultra compact dimensions: 150 x 115 x 45mm
Input side:
  • 4x analog inputs (switchable balanced (high-level) or unbalanced (low-level) Variable load resistors and divider resistors, therefore adapt over very wide voltage range)
  • 1x digital input SP-Dif optical (8kHz - 96kHz sampling rate)
  • 1x Bluetooth port with SP-Dif - TTL (8kHz - 96kHz, eg for Mos_BTS Bluetooth Streaming Module)
  • 1x Bluetooth extended digital audio port (BT +) (flexible 8kHz - 384kHz synchronous digital input for audio sources with 2 - 16 channels, direct DSP access without jitter, eg for MOS BTS96k BT streaming module or extended analogue inputs)
DSP part:
  • 294,912 MHz, 32-bit audio port, 64-bit core. Double Precision 56Bit filter calculation. 3072 SIMD instructions per sample at 96 kHz. ASRCs from 1: 8 up to 7.75: 1 ratio and 139 dB DNR.
Output side:
  • 8x 60W speaker output 2-ohm stable (not bridgeable!) 4x 2Vrms Line outputs SN / R 112dB 1x digital output optical (96kHz / 24Bit, fully master capable)
  • 1x USB Serial Data (connection PC / GUI)
  • 1x Remote Connector (connection for RCD, RC-Mini, RTC hub)
  • 2x Bluetooth control port (connection MOS-BT3.0 (app control), RC-CAN (CAN bus control)
  • 1x Remote Out, 1x Remote In, Auto Remote with highlevel connection.
  • Dimensions: 150x115x45 mm
  • Connections with MOLEX® plug contacts.
  • Very small size with low heat development, ideally suited for installation behind paneling.
  • 3x 9 Band Parametric Input EQ (De-Equalizing) 6x Input Delay 0 - 3ms / 0.01ms (De-Delay) 10x Digital Input Level Control (Signal Conditioning)
  • Flexible mixer for signal routing (page-separated, can sum and subtract, 10 inputs on 4x2 output groups)
  • 6x 30 band or 4x30 band + 2x15 band group EQ (parametric, relative phase remains stable)
  • 12x 10 band output filter HighPass / LowPass / HighShelf / LowShelf / Notch / Allpass 1st + 2nd order / Speaker EQ)
  • 12x speaker delay 0 - 12ms, 0.01ms
  • 12x speaker phase switch.

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