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Norma HS-DA1 Digital to Analog Convertor

Original price ₹ 292,990 - Original price ₹ 459,990
Original price ₹ 292,990
₹ 292,990
₹ 292,990 - ₹ 459,990
Current price ₹ 292,990
Color: Silver
Option: DAC

Modular in its conception, The Norma HS-DA1 is available in two versions: DAC and DAC PRE. In the DAC configurations, it has five digital inputs, one of which is USB, one AES EBU XLR and three Spdf 1 inputs, one of which can be configured as a digital output from the CD reading mechanism. In the DAC PRE version, it adds a very advanced analog pre-amplification section to the DAC features, and has two analog inputs in addition to the 5 digital inputs.

The preamplifier stage can operate both in active and passive mode: in active mode, the gain can be easily varied, even via remote control, between X and Y decibels (for active and passive mode, see the notes on Revo SC-2 LN).


  • 5 digital inputs, USB, 2 x SPDIF RCA, SPDIF OPTICAL, AES-EBU. USB input and SPDIF full bandwidth, up to 24 Bit / 192 KHz.
  • Possibility to select the oversampling frequency 44.1 KHz, 48.0kHz, 88.2KHz, 96.0KHz, 176.4kHz, 192.0 KHz or AUTO.
  • Possibility to customise for each digital input all parameters, including the value of oversampling, clock source, digital filter, phase.
  • Possibility to use as the master D/A clock source the local oscillator or the clock form input signal.
  • Two separate local clock oscillator for the two values , 22MHz / 24 MHz (44.1 / 48KHz).
  • Local Oscillator high stability, low Jitter and low phase noise.
  • Two PCM 24 Bit Digital to Analogue converter.
  • Digital filter x8 (or x4) oversampling.
  • User selectable filter roll-off (Sharp & Slow).
  • Proprietary I-V architecture conversion.
  • Analogue output stage based with full discrete devices amplifier.
  • Extreme low noise, high resolution and high speed.
  • Wide band ( >2 MHz ) schematic topology.
  • RCA and Balanced output connection.
  • Separate power supply for Digital and Analogue Output stage.
  • High filtering capacity with numerous low impedance capacitors.
  • 15 Powers supply regulators.
  • Toroidal transformer specially designed for audio applications.
  • Made in Italy


    • Connections Digital Inputs IN1: USB, 2.0 High Speed, IN2: SPDIF RCA, 75Ohms
    • Connections Digital Inputs IN3: AES/EBU XLR, 110Ohms, IN4: TOSLINK OPTICAL, 96 KHz, (192.0 KHz may be achieved, but not guaranteed)
    • Connections Digital Inputs IN5 : SPDIF RCA, 75Ohms (IN5 can be set as SPDIF Output by CD Mechanism)
    • Sampling Frequencies 44.1KHz, 88.2KHz, 176.4KHz, 48.0KHz, 96.0KHz, 192.0KHz
    • UpSampler Frequencies 44.1KHz, 88.2KHz, 176.4KHz, 48.0KHz, 96.0KHz, 192.0KHz, AUTO MODE
    • Based on TI SRC4392
    • Clock performances +/- 2ppm typ. at 25°, +/- 10ppm at 60°
    • Digital Filter Slow & Sharp mode, based on TI DF1706
    • De-emphasis 44.1KHz, 48.0KHz, auto e manual mode
    • Connections Outputs Line RCA output, XLR Balanced
    • Outputs Voltage 3.0 V RMS (+10 dBV) RCA (at 0 dB), 6.0 V RMS (+16 dBV) XLR(at 0 dB)
    • Output Impedance 200 ohm
    • Analogue Output Filter 0,0 to 180 kHz +/- 3 dB
    • Analogue Stage Frequency Response 0,0 to 2MHz +/- 3 dB
    • Configuration Solid state
    • Oversampling DF 1706 8 x Digital Filter
    • Oversampling Filter User selectable Sharp & Slow Roll-off filter response
    • D/A Converter PCM 1704 Multibit 24 Bit D/A converter
    • I/V Conversion I/V Conversion by proprietary topology with discrete component
    • Output Stage Proprietary topology with discrete component, high linearity & low noise
    • Supply 230 V AC / 50 Hz
    • Dimensions (HxWxD) 126 x 215 x 350 mm
    • Weight 5 Kg


    • Colour Silver / Black
    • DAC Pre HS DA1 Var + 2x Analog In Preamplifier, 2 x Class A Headphone Out – Including Remote RC31


    Awards& Reviews


    Norma is based in Cremona, Italy.

    The city and its surroundings are well known all over the world for being home to great composers as Monte- verdi and Ponchielli, and to famous violin makers such as Stradivari, Amati, Guarneri and many others. As of today, more than 100 violin makers’ shops are found in the ancient roads of the city.

    In this inspiring context, where music permeates everything, for more than 20 years Norma has been involved in the study and implementation of sophistica- ted audio amplifiers, where technical skills and musical sensitivity must be merged together, in the same way the best musical instruments are made.

    The result of this endeavor is a unique sound, which represents a synthesis of parameters usually set one against each other: dynamics, speed, and absolute transparency are combined with extraordinary musica- lity and total lack of listening fatigue.

    The struggle between solid state and valves is finally overcome, as is the concept or reproduction.

    Norma brings the listener to an intimate relation with the original event.