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Frequently Asked Questions

Check most frequently asked questions here, if you still need help then please contact us

About Us

'The Audio Co.' is the e-commerce front end of a Private Limited Company founded in 2005. As of 2024, We have been in the audio business for almost 20 years with a senior team of audio professionals with over 50 years of experience in the field from super high end home audio to professional venues, studios and car audio.

We are a 100% Indian Company based in the National Capital Region of Delhi. Headquartered out of Gurgaon, We operate across India with a customer base across the length and breadth of our beautiful and diverse nation. 

As of 2024, We have been in the audio business for almost 20 years. 


Founded in 2005, 'BBW Distributors Private Limited' owns and runs 'The Audio Co.' with a senior team of audio professionals with over 50 years of experience in the field from super high end home audio to professional venues, studios and car audio.

While we are authorised partners / retailers for hundreds of brands, Not all of them like having their products listed online. At last count, we have around 150 global brands listed on our online store. 

You can check them out here 


Due to the fluid nature of the global economy at present time, all prices displayed on the site are valid only for the present time. Manufacturers are revising their prices frequently and we will update them as soon as we are informed of the changes.

We, The Audio Co. don't actually determine the price of any products. The pricing for all products is decided by the respective brands for our market (India). Factors like Currency Exchange Rate, International Freight & Insurance, Customs Duties, GST, Domestic Freight, Insurance and Warranty are integral parts of pricing any imported products for India. 

You will appreciate the fact that most consumer goods, from imported Chocolates to Cars and Cellphones are priced higher in India than they are abroad. When comparing prices for all these products, International price multiplied by the applicable exchange rate plus GST is a reasonable price to pay for the same goods in India. 

Some brands price their products with a high buffer for discounts because there is a segment of the market that indulges in discount shopping. As a policy, we stay away from such brands and products because we strongly believe in delivering genuine value to our customers and not misleading them with inflated prices and high discounts. 


Yes! In fact, We are a 100% Indian owned and run business based in New Delhi, India. We ship all across India, even to our audiophile customers in remote corners of our beautiful and diverse country. 

No, It doesn't. We offer Free Shipping for all orders. That means the price you see is the net price you pay for the product delivered to your doorstep. 

While 80% of all orders are delivered with 3-4 days, It is your location that eventually determines the shipping timelines. While most orders are shipped within 24 hours (on working days), the size and weight of your order can also affect the delivery times.

Smaller devices, cables and can be delivered as soon as 2-3 days in the metros. While larger products like Amplifiers, Subwoofers and Speakers can take up to a week for metros. Our music loving customers in the remote corners of the North Eastern zone of our beautiful country may have to wait up to 10-14 days for larger products. 

Do reach out to us with your Pin code and desired product details in case you need specific timelines. 


All products on offer on our site have the official warranty applicable as per the prevailing warranty policy of the principal brand / distributor / importer for our region (India). While most products carry at least a 1 year warranty against any manufacturing defects, some high end products even carry a 5 year warranty. As a policy, we only represent/sell products that are supported well by the principal brands. 

Do reach out to us for specific warranty information, if needed.

Since we are you first point of contact for technical issues, we will help troubleshoot the issue and help fix user errors, if any. More often than not, reading the manual will help avoid basic issues. However, If the issue needs to be escalated we will hand hold you through the process.

To avail warranty, you will need our invoice when you seek warranty from the principal brand. In case you have misplaced it (happens more often than you'd think) do reach out to us and we will help you with a copy.

In case you need details or contact information for the specific brands' service centre, we will be only too happy to provide the same. In the unlikely scenario you have to send the product to the service centre, we can coordinate the same between you and the service centre.