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GigaWatt G-044 D Audio-Grade Mains Power Schuko Wall Socket

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Original price ₹ 20,990
₹ 20,990
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The GigaWatt G-044 Schuko Duplex is a high quality, double, in-wall power socket, designed to be used in home electrical grids powering audio-video systems.

The solid connectors of the socket are made from brass, and their surface is protected against oxidation. Powerful contact and large connection surface of the connectors with a width of 10mm guarantee perfect connection with the plug pins. Additionally the connectors were de-magnetized. As a standard, the sockets are equipped with bolted connectors allowing the usage of large diameter cables. The construction of the socket has a mounting depth of less than 30mm. Wall mount is possible using strong expansion feet or bolts.

The internal chassis is made by Merten Schneider, from hard to break, high quality, matte plastic and has a grey finish. The faceplate is made from solid, anodized aluminum, 6mm thickness. G-044 SCHUKO DUPLEX can be mounted horizontally or vertically.

Compliant with current mounting standards, the Gigawatt G-044 double Schuko wall socket can advantageously replace any original electrical socket. Its internal connectors accept large section cables, for personalized installation with high-end electrical cable such as the Gigawatt LC-Y 3x4. The contacts are made of brass and the grounded plugs can be plugged in either direction (grounding terminal up or down). Your devices are guaranteed to be optimally powered, without loss or alteration of electrical current.

NOTE: Installation works exposes to direct contact with potentially lethal voltage. There is risk of an electric shock! All activities related to installation can only be made by a qualified personnel following appropriate regulations (DIN VDE 0100 and IEC 664 or DIN VDE 0110).

  • Line voltage 110-250 VAC / 50-60 Hz
  • Maximum current load 16 A
  • Dimensions 95 x 166 x 35,5 mm
  • Gross Weight 0.43 kg

About Gigawatt

Enhance your audio and video experience with GigaWatt's high-quality power accessories. Founded in Poland in 2007 by an electronics engineer and audio enthusiast, GigaWatt offers competitively-priced products designed to protect your devices from power noise and surges while delivering impressive sound and picture quality. While there are many power filtering and distribution products, Gigawatt is considered the gold standard when it comes to delivering audiophile sound with top tier protection.