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Furutech S-070-10 Audio-grade Solder

Original price ₹ 5,490 - Original price ₹ 5,490
Original price ₹ 5,490
₹ 5,490
₹ 5,490 - ₹ 5,490
Current price ₹ 5,490

The Furutech S-070-10 is a high quality silver solder used for the most demanding modular and electronic cable assemblies and connections. Silver solder is known for its ease of contact on quality connectors ensuring a better ratio of energy transfer than the conventional tin, zinc and lead solders.

A high quality silver solder with only two components, 96% tin and 4% silver, for optimal contact quality to solder connectors, especially those with silver, pure silver or pure copper plating.

Furutech solder is designed to give fast and sustained wetting on both copper and brass. After 5 seconds, a measured spread area indicates total flux efficacy. Furutech solder out-performs competitor products, which require a higher flux content and leave more residue and have poorer spread.

Material treated with the Alpha Process, Conforms to the requirements of the RoHS Directive

  • Melting point: 220℃ (Furutech recommended soldering Iron Temp: 380-450℃ approx.) Furutech recommended soldering time: 15 seconds approxAlloy: Silver 4%+ Tin 96%
  • Ersin/362, Flux/5 Core
  • Diameter:0.70mm
  • Weight: 250 grams/Reel
  • Lead free
  • Reel Size: 63.3φ X 35.5 mm (H)
  • Length: 10m / 32.8ft