Furutech NCF Booster - Connector & Cable Holder

Rs. 37,790.00

The Furutech NCF Booster is a cable and connector support that elevates system performance and fidelity. Having first been a real success in Japan, the NCF Booster is now here!

What is the NCF Booster ?

It is a cable support and multi-material connectors improving the performance of these. Thus, the NCF Booster does not just elevate your cables from the ground to limit the contact points thus reducing electromagnetic interference. It also ensures real damping of cables and connectors, allowing optimal alignment to reduce static loads. By its action, the NCF Booster allows to obtain a signal more pure and clear.


NCF : Nano Crystal² Formula

Developed especially by Furutech, the NCF incorporates a special crystalline material with two active properties. First, it generates negative ions to eliminate static charges. Secondly, it converts thermal energy into infrared. Furutech therefore combines this material with remarkable properties with ceramic nanoparticles as well as carbon powder to ensure piezoelectric damping. The result of using the Nano Crystal² Formula is obtaining the ultimate mechanical and electrical absorber.

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