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Furutech FP-3TS762 - Audiophile AC Power Cable

Original price ₹ 11,800 - Original price ₹ 11,800
Original price ₹ 11,800
₹ 11,800
₹ 11,800 - ₹ 11,800
Current price ₹ 11,800

Experience reliable power delivery with the Furutech FP-3TS762 Audiophile AC Power Cable. Engineered for high-end audio setups, this audiophile cable is designed for low noise and distortion levels. Enjoy pristine sound quality with this top-notch power cable.

The FP-3TS762 is a very high-performance 3-wire power cable dedicated to uncompromising audio applications. The FP-3TS762 demonstrates manufacturing quality and technicality that leaves no doubt as to its top-of-the-range positioning.

As is customary with this manufacturer, all metals will have benefited from the proprietary Alpha anti-magnetism process, which involves 2 steps:

  1. Cryogenisation of metals by -250°C using liquid nitrogen in order to consolidate their molecular structure and significantly improve their conductivity.
  2. Submission of these same metals to a powerful magnetic field created by means of magnets arranged in rings, and whose attraction force is constantly controlled in order to leave no magnetic residue at the end of the treatment.


  • α(Alpha)-μ–OFC Conductor is the fine μ–OFC conductor wire strands treated with the α(Alpha) process


  • Conductor: α(Alpha)-μ–OFC Conductor (7X35/0.16mm) (≒10 AWG) / (4.93
  • Insulation: PE(Red, Natural, Yellow) Dia.:5.2mm Red=Live、Yellow=Neutral、Clear=Earth.
  • Twisting:3 Cores Twisted Together
  • Inner Sheath:Flexible PVC (Black)
  • Shield:0.12mm α(Alpha) conductor wire Braid
  • Sheath:Flexible PVC (Dark Purple)
  • Overall Diameter: 15.5 mm
  • Electrical Properties / Test Method
  • Max. Conductor Resistance: 2.4 Ω/km, JISC3005 6 20℃
  • Min. Insulation Resistance: 2500 MΩ‧km, JISC3005 9.1 20℃
  • Dielectric Strength: AC 3000 V/1 min., JISC3005 8

Note: Price Per Meter, Without Termination