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Furutech FP-200B - Banana Connector (Set)

Original price ₹ 9,190 - Original price ₹ 10,890
Original price ₹ 10,890
₹ 10,890
₹ 9,190 - ₹ 10,890
Current price ₹ 10,890
Material: Rhodium

High performance banana plugs with 24k fine gold-plated bronze phosphorus contacts, a copper alloy containing 3.5 to 10% tin and up to 1% phosphorus. This metal is particularly appreciated in industry for its robustness against various stresses, wear and corrosion. Its use for the transit of low voltage signals is also justified by its low electrical resistance.

It is all the more efficient in its role as a conductor as it benefits here from the proprietary anti-magnetism process FURUTECH Alpha α, which takes place in 2 stages:

1 - Cryogenization of metals at -250°C using liquid nitrogen in order to consolidate their molecular structure and significantly improve their conductivity.

2 - Subjection of these same metals to a powerful magnetic field created by means of magnets arranged in rings, the attraction force of which is permanently controlled in order to leave no magnetic residue at the end of the treatment.

The FURUTECH FP-200Bs use a tube connection system to ensure their contact with the enclosure terminals. When the plug is connected, the cylinder, divided into two parts along a sinusoidal line, ensures constant and regular pressure over its entire surface.

Internally, the cable is fixed by means of 2 screws with a specially designed shape to maximise the contact surface and ensure a firm and durable hold. The FP-200B can also be welded for even greater reliability.

Their silver-coloured copper alloy body and the black/red FURUTECH screen printing used for marking complete a perfect finish in every respect.

FP-200B (R) Rhodium plated non-magnetic Conductor

FP-200B (G) 24k Gold Plated non-magnetic Conductor



  • Specially designed center pin for increased contact area and stable transmission

  • Unique set screw or solder wire setting for firm reliable connection

  • Material: Conductor central pin with Rhodium or 24k Gold Plated non-magnetic copper alloy,

  • Housing with anti-oxidized Aluminum Alloy.

  • Made in Japan



  • 24k Gold Plated Bronze Phosphorus Contacts

  • Proprietary anti-magnetic treatment FURUTECH Alpha α

  • Accepts Cables Up to 4.9 mm diameter

  • Screw or Solder Plugs

  • Length of the body excluding the banana tip: 30.3mm.

  • Outside Body Diameter: 11.1mm Max.

  • Length Banana Tip Alone: 19.7mm

  • Diameter Banana Tip: 4.6mm

  • Total Length: 50mm

  • Marked with a Black / Red Color Code

  • Sold by Set of 4 paired plugs