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Furutech Alpha Line Plus - Audiophile RCA Interconnect Cable

Original price ₹ 26,700 - Original price ₹ 26,700
Original price ₹ 26,700
₹ 26,700
₹ 26,700 - ₹ 26,700
Current price ₹ 26,700

The Alpha Line Plus, is the top of the range Alpha Interconnect. This is evident straight away through the quality of the interconnects. The design and engineering show up other companies at this price bracket.

What differentiates this from the other models is the use of nonmagnetic 24K gold cast copper alloy. Dress in a PVC jacket that is flexible which hides the high density Polyethylene foam. Furutech use their two stage Cryogenic and demagnetization process which improves electrical conductivity and so power and signal transfer. The demagnetization part of the process uses controlled attenuation to completely eliminate magnetization for immediately more vivid and colorful improvements.

  • Length: 1m
  • High performance beautifully engineered gold plated RCA connectors FP-110 (G) Connectors
  • RCA Centre pin is 24K gold-plated nonmagnetic OCC conductor with a Teflon Dielectric
  • RCA connector backbone composed of non magnetic 24K gold-plated eutectic cast copper alloy with beautifully finished nonmagnetic copper alloy outer locking shell
  • Alpha OCC conductor (Balanced type)
  • Special grade high density polyethylene foam Insulation (Red, White)
  • Tow cores with cotton filler twisted together, barrier layer wrap with resonance suppressing unwoven tape
  • Made in Japan