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ADL iHP-35 II Headphone Cable for Ultrasone PRO

Original price ₹ 9,500 - Original price ₹ 9,500
Original price ₹ 9,500
₹ 9,500
₹ 9,500 - ₹ 9,500
Current price ₹ 9,500
Length: 1.3m

The ADL iHP-35 series are no ordinary cables; they’re engineered and produced with Furutech’s Pure Transmission technology and feature silver-plated (Alpha) OCC conductors for minimal transmission loss. The cable achieves top-grade noise isolation – in a RoHS-compliant sheath. The main conductors are treated with Furutech’s   (Alpha) Process – a deep cryogenic and demagnetizing treatment. The result is outstanding, wideband, colorful and engaging sound that audiophiles and music lovers will love.

High-quality headphones are a must in the age of personal, portable electronics, but many are supplied with inferior throw-away cables. Headphone listening is an intimate experience and enthusiasts always want better sound. ADL's iHP-35 series cables accomplish that in spectacular fashion with headphones, players and
headphone amplifiers. The iHP-35 series will make the perfect connection!

iHP-35 II is terminated at both ends with a Furutech rhodium –plated FT-735SM 3.5mm stereo connector. For ULTRASONE PRO line series (PRO line 2500, PRO line 750, PRO line 650, PRO line 550)

Alpha Design Labs (ADL) is extremely proud of its worldwide reputation for innovative engineering, extraordinary build quality and legendary sonic performance. Originally launched as an entry-level line for Furutech, ADL has now evolved into a genuine leader in cutting-edge technology with its current line of desktop and portable audio components, headphones, earphones and cables. Using Furutech’s Pure Transmission Technology as the foundation for products that are carefully engineered as well as innovative, ADL has achieved a level of performance that has been previously unavailable at this price point. The Pure Transmission process focuses on one objective—to deliver a pure, open and quick sound that is preserved throughout the entire signal chain from the source to the speakers or headphones. As a result, Pure Transmission allows ADL components possess a greater sense of dynamics, power and resolution. You’ll hear deeper into your favourite recordings than ever before. Adding more ADL components to the playback chain— including our full line of portable headphone amplifiers, DACs, headphones and cables—will increase the sonic advantages you’ll experience from Pure Transmission Technology.


  • Terminated at both ends with a Furutech rhodium –plated FT-735SM 3.5mm stereo connector
  • Alpha OCC Silver Copper Alloy Conductor
  • For ULTRASONE PRO line series (PRO line 2500, PRO line 750, PRO line 650, PRO line 550)
  • Made in Japan


  • Cable lengths: 130cm (4.1ft) and 300cm (9.5ft)