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There's Something About Analog... - The Audio Co.

There's Something About Analog...

For a lot of us, it's something we grew up with. Memories of carefree times when time was slower and many a day were spent listening to the record or cassette we were sent by that relative in the US/UK. 

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The joy of seeing and touching the vinyl jacket and reading the booklets, being careful with how we hold the records and how the needle touches that black gold. 

Then for some of us it has always been about the sound. The warm, organic life like sound. Devoid of compression, jitter and digital artefacts that we now know to plague anything that goes through network pipelines.

Maybe it's the digital detox. The fact that it doesn't need the Internet or a touchscreen device to sit down, wind down and de-stress. Maybe it's the fact that we allow the artist to take about an hour or our precious time to completely immerse us in their art in its entirety by listening to the whole album and not just a single. 

Could it be the fact that the experience requires us to be present—to be in the room where it is played (no walking around with this one!) and so maybe we ask our family to gather around and experience music together. To bond with music is something we should all do while we wait out this pandemic and it should be on vinyl to make it extra special.

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Lastly, it feels exclusive. Owning a vinyl record of your favourite artists makes you feel like you’re more connected to them than just streaming their music on Spotify or on Tidal. It’s something from them that they actually recorded and pressed meticulously.

There are so many reasons Vinyl is back and has in fact grown substantially through the last decade and boomed through 2020. And it all makes perfect sense.

For there's definitely something about Analog...  

Can you tell we love our analog? We have curated a great catalog of vinyl gear including but not limited to cartridges, platters, ready to play turntables, phono stages, brushes and weights. 
For any consultation or advice, Please contact us and we'd love to discuss your needs. 
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