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Unison Research Unico Due Integrated Hybrid Tube Amplifier

Original price ₹ 329,900 - Original price ₹ 329,900
Original price ₹ 329,900
₹ 329,900
₹ 329,900 - ₹ 329,900
Current price ₹ 329,900

The Unison Research Unico Due is the latest amplifier from Unison Research and benefits from Unison Research’s decades of experience in design and production technology. It maintains all the best qualities that made its predecessor a runaway success and introduces new and enhanced features. The Unison Research Unico Due is a high-performance integrated amplifier that combines a valve pre-amplifier with a solid-state output stage for a class-leading performance that draws heavy inspiration from the flagship Unico 90 and Unico 150 models.

The electronic circuitry of the Unico Due has been completely redesigned from the ground-up. By working to the same brief as previous Unico models, Unison Research have introduced changes in the circuitry, the power supply method, the pre-amp stage, the power amp stage and with the variety of settings and inputs.

All based on generously sized 105µm tracks and using only the finest possible components, the circuit board is fed by a sophisticated power supply method that features a specially designed encapsulated transformer for increased efficiency and superlative sound. The heart of the preamplifier stage is based around two ECC83 double triodes (one per channel), which were purpose-chosen after hours of listening tests. Configured as a gain stage followed by a cathode-follower, the circuit’s low output impedance efficiently drives the power stage that follows for minimal electrical interference.

The power amplifier stage itself features a sophisticated implementation of MOSFET transistors resulting in 100W per-channel output (8Ω). The net result of which is a clean, powerful output with incredibly low levels of distortion. By reducing distortion so significantly in this stage, Unison Research have ensured that only the sonic character of the valves remain – staying true to the fundamental purpose of the Unico line.

The Unico Due stands out as a modern system hub not just thanks to its multiple line-level inputs, but also as a result of its built-in USB DAC and phono stage. The USB input features an ESS Sabre DAC ES9018K2M with jitter eliminator circuit, offering support for audio files up-to 32-bit/384kHz PCM and DSD256. Elsewhere, the integrated phono stage module is pre-set to accept Moving Magnet (MM) cartridges, but can be modified by a service engineer to cater for Moving Coil (MC) devices. Additionally, the Unico Due has settings for AV passthrough, subwoofer output, DAC output, a TAPE loop and to adjust channel balance.

The Unico Due is a powerful, easy to accommodate amplifier with a wide range of features and a sonic presentation that boasts all the benefits of valve technology with none of the shortcomings.


  • High-performance integrated amplifier
  • Hybrid technology combines a valve pre-amp with solid-state power stage
  • USB (ESS Sabre DAC ES9018K2M) input for high-quality playback from a PC / laptop or streamer 
  • Built-in phono stage for easy turntable integration
  • Powerful 100W output (8Ω)
  • Multiple Inputs and Outputs for easy system building
  • AV passthrough input
  • Available in Silver or Black finish
  • Made in Italy


  • Output power: 100W x 2 RMS at 8Ω, 180W x 2 RMS at 4Ω, 290W x 2 RMS at 2Ω
  • Filter Capacitance: 80000 µF
  • Output stage: Dynamic Class A Power BJT, Double Complementary Pair
    “Super-Symmetric” Configuration
  • Biasing:  Dynamic Class A
  • Valves: 2 x ECC83 (12AX7)
  • Inputs:  2 x Analogue Line (RCA)
    1 x Analogue Phono (RCA) – Set to MM
    1 x Digital (USB)
    1 x Tape (RCA)
  • Outputs:  1 x Tape (RCA) – Fixed
    1 x Stereo Subwoofer (RCA) – Variable
    1 x DAC (RCA) - Fixed
  • Speaker Outputs:  4 + 4 (Bi-Wirable)
  • Dimensions:  43.5 x 43 x 13cm
  • Phono Stage Input Impedance: 47k Ohm / 220pF (MM) - 100 Ohm / 440pF (MC) Gain: MM 40 dB, MC 50 dB Gain Selection: +0 dB / +10 dB Maximum input level: 120 mV at 1 kHz (MM) RIAA Equalization: Dual stage: active at low frequencies, passive at high frequencies THD: 0.09% / 5 mV /1 kHz (MM) 
  • DAC: Asynchronous USB interface compliant with USB 2.0 Audio Class • Accepts PCM up to 384kHz and DSD up to 128x (DSD 256 Ready) • Resolution up to 32 bits • ESS Sabre DAC ES9018K2M with jitter eliminator circuit • Galvanic isolation between USB interface and conversion circuit • Low phase noise clocks which reside in the “clean” supply domain to preserve low jitter performance • 120dB SNR (1kHz, “A” weighted, 192kHZ) • 0.003% THD+N (1kHz, -3dBFS) • Bandwidth 0-90kHz (384kHz)


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