Transparent Audio HP10-2 - 10AWG OFC Speaker Cable

Rs. 3,000.00


HP10-2 is an ideal speaker cable choice for better home music and theater system installations with moderately powered amplifiers at lengths up to 60 feet per channel, and it outperforms other 10 AWG speaker cable choices at lengths greater than 60 feet. Wherever possible, we recommend using HP10-2 rather than the smaller gauge alternatives: HP12-2 and HP 14-2. You can confirm here that High Performance 12 AWG Speaker Cable is the best choice for your installation.

  • Two 10 AWG conductors in a fire retardant, pressure-extruded outer jacket that reduces electro-mechanical vibration and preserves the intended electrical characteristics of the cable when flexed or bent.
  • HP10-2 is available in continuous lengths from 10-100 feet.

Note: Price Per Meter, Without Termination

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