SOtM sMS200 Neo - Hi-Res Network Music Streamer

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Rs. 55,000.00

The sMS-200 Neo is the updated model to our previously very successful sMS-200. While the original model sounded very neutral and balanced, the changes brought about by the updated sMS-200 Neo will mostly be perceived as a more relaxed presentation. Although the standard sMS-200 is already an overachiever, the sMS-200 Neo retains this while still adding an extra dose of musicality to the party.

sMS-200 is a new generation of mini network player with built in ‘Media Player Board’ developed by our own technology.

The significance of sMS-200 comes from the dedicated ARM processor board developed for only audio purpose, it is definitely not the similar kind of those ready-made processor boards in the market offered with dazzling low price but not that much of high sound quality, of which the most of audio product manufacturers experience deterioration of sound and are forced to use unnecessary features from the ready-made boards, but now it’s gone with the sMS-200.

SOtM developed the product just for audio sound performance, getting rid of all unnecessary features concentrating on the high quality sound tone at a reasonable price.

sMS-200 is particularly designed to provide the best sound quality based on our own unique technologies accumulated to date since those days of media players, and it is probably be the only one capable product exceeding the current network players on the market in terms of functionalities.

As to the player software, Roon Ready, MPD, DLNA, SqueezeLite and others are available. And the music files from an external USB storage device, network shared folders and streaming services are also available. As well, the more functions can be easily added via software upgrade.

sMS-200 is the one and only network player in the kind of price range, and does deliver high fidelity together with impressive sound. It does make people freely imagine the close to real scene where the original sound is generated from.

Simply experience the difference and surprise with sMS-200 developed by SOtM.


Audio player
  Roon Ready
  DLNA renderer
  Music Player Daemon(MPD)
  Logitech Media Server(LMS)
Audio feature
  PCM 32bit/768KHz max, DSDx512 max

  Ultra Low Jitter Clock
  Ultra Low Noise Regulator
  Active Noise canceller
USB port
  High-End audio grade USB port x 1
  USB 2.0 port x 2
  Output voltage : +5.0V(+0.5V, -0.25V)
  Over current protection : 0.8A at 20°C
  Recommend output current : 0.5A >
Ethernet port
  RJ45 Gigabit Ethernet
Power requirement
  Input Voltage : +6.5 ~ 12Vdc
  Power : Max 15W
Operating environment
  Operating temperature range: +10 ~ +30℃
  Storage temperature : 0 ~ +40℃
  Operating & storage humidity : 10% ~ 90%
  1.5Kg >

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    Binu J.

    Unbelievably good little wonder!

    I was looking for basic streamer (Roon ready) so that the ageing Mac Mini can be exclusively kept as the Roon Core. This topology is highly recommended by the Roon community. SOtM products are also well regarded there. So got a basic one, a month back. Contrary to the minimal looks, the SMS 200 packs lot of wizardry to hit the competition out of the park. Before the device landed, it didn't dawn upon me that it is a headless network device. Also there is no wifi connectivity out of the box. So had to setup an ethernet network first for Mac Mini and SOtM. The only interface to the device is a local web page, which opens the player interface. There is Roon, Shairport for connecting airplay sources and Librespot, a Spotify client. Other options like UPNP are also supported. It is not the best interface, but works. Set up Roon and started playing. Basically the SOtM is doing the same work Mac Mini used to do. But, the refinement I could hear was unbelievable. Timing and accuracy of everything is better. There is considerable improvement in focus. Low end has better definition and punch. Vocals have a heft and is very clean. Highs are silky and full of life. Purpose built hardware Of SOtM and new topology is really doing some magic. Thanks to the lockdown, I could do an extensive listening. It is hard to digest the fact that a budget streamer can elevate the experience this high. This is best value addition made to my audio system till now. I’m extremely happy ☺️

    Jaideep G.

    Audiophile grade network player

    System profile: Mac Mini>SMS 200>Chord Qutest>McIntosh 252>Monitor Audio Silver speakers; Nordost cables, AudioQuest interconnects. The SMS combined with the Qutest elevates lossless tracks to an entirely new plane. I highly recommend adding the SOtM to your stereo chain. And Audio Co. offers excellent service + audio advice.

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