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Sonus Faber Homage Serafino G2 - Floorstanding Speaker (Pair)

Original price ₹ 1,889,900 - Original price ₹ 1,889,900
Original price ₹ 1,889,900
₹ 3,149,900
₹ 3,149,900 - ₹ 3,149,900
Current price ₹ 3,149,900
Finish: Graphite Wood

A nod to Santo Serafino, the legendary Italian luthier. Serafino delivers world-class sound on any stage. In eighteenth century Venice, Santo Serafino masterfully built violins with matching beauty and sound. In keeping with his legacy, the second generation of the Sonus faber Serafino speaker marries artistry and sonic excellence. With upgraded drivers and a refined crossover, Serafino's second generation recreates the magic of a live performance.

The most iconic Sonus faber design pays tribute to the titans of music history with a new technology that brings the sensation of live music to every listening space. Each upgrade is aimed to elevate its sonic power, while maintaining pristine musical detail. The result is transformative, three-dimensional sound, replicating the sensation of a live performance inside any space.

Ultra-crafted design is a hallmark of the Homage series. In the newest generation, old-world artisanship matches contemporary elegance to give a new twist to the iconic wood lute-shaped cabinets, and please both your eyes and your ears.

Entirely Made in Italy and inspired by the Italian master artisans of music - Andrea Amati, Santo Serafino, and Giuseppe Guarneri - Homage continues the tradition of sound quality and design.

The iconic wood lute shaped cabinets balance the old-world artisanship and contemporary elegance. Quality materials and fine details make our products something you’ll be pleased to keep in plain sight. The Sonus faber Homage Collection speakers are built by dedicated artisans in our factory in Vicenza, Italy.

Crafted like a fine instrument, Serafino draws inspiration from the artisanship of master luthier Santo Serafino. Its rounded cabinet design mirrors the graceful curves of a violin, enhancing both its visual allure and acoustic purity by reducing internal resonances.

Handcrafted in Sonus faber's Vicenza, Italy factory, each Serafino loudspeaker seamlessly melds nine layers of natural wood, carefully paired according to grain, and culminates with nine meticulous lacquer coats. This meticulous process, rooted in Sonus faber's tradition of wood craftsmanship, ensures each speaker embodies both quality and elegance.

Serafino G2 harnesses cutting-edge technology from our Homage collection to encapsulate the emotional resonance of a live performance within a relatively compact design - much like a finely crafted violin. The most detailed artisanship meets upgraded patented technology and iconic Sonus faber design queues om the latest generation of Serafino.

Serafino contains a major new innovation for the collection: Intono. The internal cabinet’s special structure, which reduces the acoustic pressure generated within a given frequency range, allows this new generation of loudspeakers to consistently produce midrange frequencies free of any distortion.

Serafino G2 woofer has been enhanced with a new voice coil and spider material, creating greater air movement and bass extension. The new midrange drivers harness powerful magnets for fast and precise control. The entire system has been meticulously mass loaded to correct resonance and deliver clean, detailed sound.

Crafted with Sonus faber precision, our Phase Coherent Crossover ensures immersive, three-dimensional sound throughout the room. Meticulously hand-soldered capacitors, Jantzen inductors, and custom clarity components guarantee sonic purity, high power handling, and minimal noise.

Unveiled through advanced computer simulation, our innovative damping ring enhances driver performance by minimizing turbulence, guiding sound waves for a more consistent wave pattern, resulting in a smooth frequency response and exceptional clarity, on and off axis.


  • System 3.5 way, Midrange sealed box with Intono, Woofers vented box “Stealth Ultraflex” system
  • Drivers Tw: Ø 28 mm DAD Arrow Point, Mw: Ø 150 mm Neodymium Magnet System, Wfs: 2 x Ø 180 mm
  • Crossover 200Hz - 250Hz – 2.400Hz
  • Frequency Response 30 Hz – 35.000 Hz
  • Sensitivity 90 dB SPL (2,83V/1 m)
  • Nominal Impedance 4 ohm
  • Recommended amplifier power 50W – 300W
  • Speaker Dimensions (HxWxD) 109,1 x 39,6 x 48,5 cm / 43 x 15.6 x 19 in
  • Dimensions with packaging (HxWxD) 52.0 x 128.0 x 51.0 cm / 20.5 x 50.4 x 20.1 in
  • Weight 48,5 Kg ea – net weight / 106.9 lb ea – net weight
  • Packaging Weight 64 Kg / 141.09 lb