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Sonus Faber Duetto Wireless Streaming Speakers (Pair)

Original price ₹ 496,900 - Original price ₹ 571,800
Original price ₹ 496,900
₹ 496,900
₹ 496,900 - ₹ 571,800
Current price ₹ 496,900
Finish: Walnut
Option: Without Stands

Duetto is Sonus faber’s first active stereo wireless loudspeaker system. Duetto combines 40 years of high-fidelity audio engineering with Sonus faber’s signature design queues in a compact system. 

The Sonus faber sound has now gone wireless. A duet is a musical form in which the sounds of two instruments come together in harmony, resulting in a new and unique timbre, which can only be repeated when performed by those specific sounds. In this manner, with its Duetto model, Sonus faber has doubled its wireless sound to achieve a new capability. The Duetto sets a new standard for wireless listening, combining the true Hi-Fi experience with the best digital and analogue connectivity. It’s a new way to enjoy the music and cinema sound experience, without compromising on a unique Italian design, or the best technological performance that the industry has to offer.

Natural materials are the essence of the Sonus faber musical experience. Thanks to its iconic lute-shaped wooden cabinet, which is emblematic of our Natural Sound identity, the Duetto is the true expression of our compositional philosophy.
It’s a shape that guarantees both structural rigidity and musicality, while at the same time reducing resonance inside the cabinet. It features a compact design in which form and function are brought together in the bass reflex system, which is designed to support an incredible low frequency range, and to cancel out any internal resonance that might compromise the listening experience.

The beating heart of the Duetto model lies in its two built-in amplifiers, which have been specifically selected to provide balance and power to the combined playback of high and low frequencies. A 100W class AB amplifier dedicated exclusively to powering the tweeter guarantees delicate and precision high frequency playback.
The mid-woofer, on the other hand, is powered by a 250W Class D amplifier to improve low frequency playback. The elegant heatsink at the rear of the Duetto collects and dissipates the heat generated by the two high performance amplifiers, and is a direct extension of the bass reflex system.

The Duetto provides a pure and natural Sonus faber sound. Its acoustic design draws from the core concepts of the passive speaker systems, including a digital crossover design supported by measurements and simulations comparable to the most sophisticated Hi-Fi categories. All the drivers that contribute to the Duetto’s sound are designed by Sonus faber’s R&D team to ensure the highest levels of performance and an unprecedented wireless listening experience.

The tweeter’s silk dome is a hallmark of Sonus faber’s Natural Sound, and is accompanied by a waveguide to guarantee a broad dispersion pattern. High-frequency playback that engulfs the entire room. The 5.25” paper pulp mid-woofer is designed for high excursion, which is made possible by a suspension created following thorough laboratory simulations. The Duetto mid-woofer’s mobile elements are housed within Sonus faber’s new Organic Basket. Thanks to its design inspired by natural shapes, this basket prevents resonance from forming thanks to the absence of symmetrical patterns, and guarantees a non-disrupting air flow around the driver.

The soul of the Duetto is its vast range of digital and analogue connections. All the best streaming music services are built-in, and can be selected using the SENSO™ leather top, which serves as the touch control panel on the master speaker. Some physical inputs, in order for the user to connect their TV via HDMI or optical connections for instance, can be found on the back of the Duetto. For vinyl lovers, the Duetto is Turntable Ready thanks to the built-in phono stage connection. Personalising how you listen to your favourite music is now even easier thanks to the Sonus faber app. This app allows you to control our wireless products’ functions and configure your listening experience through a wide range of acoustic adjustment and customisation possibilities.

The Duetto also offers the possibility of integrating an active subwoofer within your system. The Duetto will automatically recognise the subwoofer and allow you to apply a high-pass filter directly from the Sonus faber app, so that you can configure your system in the way that best suits your listening environment. The two Duetto speakers communicate with one another thanks to the Ultra Wide Band connection. This wireless transmission guarantees a very wide frequency spectrum when sending signals and data at high speed, thereby minimising the possibility of interference from other home networks, and rendering the two speakers immune to latency issues.

The Duetto encapsulates 40 years of Sonus faber history, embodying its iconic design language in every aspect. The wood veneer forms a 45-degree texture, and is available in both a walnut and graphite finish. In keeping with the tradition and philosophy that has led Sonus faber to exemplify the balance between innovation and tradition, natural materials remain an essential part of the Duetto’s form and function.
The Duetto even features a custom designed stand. This stand is specifically made to gather and conceal the cables that can be connected to the speaker.
Each element is designed to be perfectly integrated within its own mechanical function, while at the same time conveying the extraordinary style of every Sonus faber speaker.

Duetto’s crossover design uses four on-board amplifiers and high-quality drivers. This unique configuration delivers power and sonic nuance unparalleled in the wireless audio world, particularly for low frequencies.

Duetto’s lute-shaped wood cabinet takes design queues from musical instruments.
The cabinet and custom-designed heatsink guarantee timbre and musicality while avoiding internal resonance, creating the Sonus faber signature Natural Sound.

Duetto is expertly designed for both the analog and digital worlds. Duetto is WiFi Certified, featuring full capability for digital connection to popular audio streamers such as AirPlay, Chromecast, Tidal, Spotify, and Bluetooth. Using HDMI and optical inputs, it easily connects to televisions, turntables, and active subwoofers.


Inherited from its predecessor, Omnia, SENSO™ is the leather top panel that allows the user to control and set up the speaker functions, such as volume, input selection, and connections. The buttonless interface allows users to pilot the playback and connection functions through simple finger swipe.

Ultra Wide Band

Duetto is fixed with Ultra Wide Band (UWB) technology that enables communication between the two speakers. The wireless transmission avoids latency and interference in the connection by other home networks. This technology also guarantees a wide frequency spectrum to send data signals at high speeds.

Sonus Faber App

The Sonus faber app controls wireless products such as Duetto and Omnia. The app allows users to customize settings and easily configure listening and connection parameters. Its intuitive use allows for the best possible home listening experience.

  • Stereo 2-way Active System
  • Bluetooth
  • WiFi
  • Spotify Connect
  • Roon Ready
  • Apple AirPlay
  • Tidal Connect
  • Chromecast
  • Phono Stage Built-in
  • System 2-way Curved Vented box
  • Speakers Tw: Ferrite Magnet system with copper cap, Silk dome and dedicated Waveguide
    Mw: Neodymium Magnet system with copper cap and Aluminum ring, Long excursion design
  • Crossover 1900Hz –Designed with Sf know-how
  • Frequency Response  37 Hz –30.000 Hz
  • Max SPL  105dBSPL @1m
  • On Board Amplifiers Tw: 100W Class AB, Mw: 250W Class D
  • DAC Sabre, AKM
  • Network Connectivity RCA Line/Phono IN, Optical, HDMI ARC/EARC, SUB Output
  • Dimensions 342x210x272 mm / 13,4x8,3x10,7 in / 1082x298x371 mm / 42,6x11,7x14,6 in (stand included)
  • Weight 6,8 kg ea / 15,0 lb ea, 7,8 kg ea / 17,2 lb ea (stand weight)