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Silent Angel Forester FX Audiophile-Grade Adaptive Power Supply

Original price ₹ 383,990 - Original price ₹ 383,990
Original price ₹ 383,990
₹ 383,990
₹ 383,990 - ₹ 383,990
Current price ₹ 383,990
Color: Silver

Forester FX is a customized HiFi adaptive power supply tailored for GX, NX, and Z1 Plus. It serves not only as a power source but also as the guardian of your musical journey. In comparison to traditional linear power supplies, switching power supplies offer better stability in operation due to the characteristics of the switching transistors. FX aims to deliver authentic, pure, and complete sound to our customers.


  • Ensure HiFi Power Output Remains Dynamically Stable at 12V
  • Multiple DC Outputs (5V, 9V, 12V, 19V) Provide an Ideal Solution for Power Source Upgrades

More Info will up updated soon