REAL Cable Cheverny II RCA - RCA Interconnect Cable

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Rs. 25,000.00
Rs. 22,000.00

Very high quality and highly deoxygenated copper (OCC) conductors, strands in 2 different sections (TDC), very strong section cable, double shielding and asymmetrical shielding, metallic monoblock plugs, gold contacts, hand soldered, 2 male RCA plug / 2 male RCA plug, assembled in France. 


  • 2 male RCA plugs / 2 male RCA plugs
  • Linear copper conductors highly deoxygenated (OCC)
  • Strands with 2 different sections (TDC)
  • Cable of very strong section
  • Silver solders
  • Monoblock metal plugs
  • Gold contacts
  • Anti-vibration nylon braid
  • High density braiding of asymmetric shielding
  • Double shielding
  • Made in France


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