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Pangea Xtreme™ Spade Terminal

Original price ₹ 1,200 - Original price ₹ 1,200
Original price ₹ 1,200
₹ 1,200
₹ 1,200 - ₹ 1,200
Current price ₹ 1,200

Give your speaker cables a performance boost with new premium Pangea Audio Xtreme™ Spade Connectors. Xtreme Spades are specially designed so that you can solder them to your speaker wire or secure them with the included set screws. They fit 1/4" or 5/16" binding posts.

For high current flow and low resistance, these one-piece solid connectors from Pangea Audio are machined from 100% Tellurium Copper then direct-coated with pure 24 Carat Gold.  Not all spade connectors are made this way. Many manufacturers put an inferior material onto the copper first, like harsh-sounding nickel, before they gold plate. This gives the gold a jewelry-like finish, but it can compromise sound quality. Other connectors may be shinier, but none are made from higher purity materials than Xtreme Spades.

But great engineering doesn't stop with the materials. These connectors have a special spring-compression feature that locks them securely in place with little effort. They won't easily loosen or slide out like ordinary connectors. Yes, they cost a bit more, but your connection security is worth it.


  • Premium spade connectors
  • Fit 1/4" or 5/16" binding posts
  • Low resistance/High current flow
  • Solder or set-screw installation
  • One-piece solid machined connector
  • 100% Tellurium Copper
  • 24-carat direct-goldplating
  • Connector accepts up to a 10mm wire cross section/7awg
  • Spring-compression 'locking' grip
  • Price is for 'each'