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Pangea Xtreme Flexible Y Adapter RCA Interconnect Cable

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Original price ₹ 3,100
₹ 3,100
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Length: 1 Male to 2 Female

When you need a Y-adapter for your powered subwoofer or other applications, get the one that offers best-in-class performance at anywhere near the price – and way beyond! It's designed like a premium interconnect cable and uses the same conductors that are used in Pangea Audio Premier Audio Interconnect. Designed by industry legend Jay Victor, Pangea Audio's Xtreme™ Flexible Y-Adapter Cable features technological innovations and the very best materials, including conductors with US-made Cardas Grade One Copper, which many in the industry consider to be the finest copper available. This copper costs 20% more than the famous Japanese-made PCOCC copper that most experts formerly rated as the world's finest copper.

Insulating the Cardas Copper is an advanced PE insulation. PE is one of the best commercially available insulators and was chosen because it has a smoother, more relaxed sound than highly rated Teflon™. Covering the cable is an advanced nylon braid that bends easily yet protects the cable from cracking and scuffing.

Triple Shielded Design
To reject noise and interference from inside the cable and the outside room, Pangea Xtreme Y-Adapter Cable is triple-shielded. Each conductor has its own shield and then the entire cable is encased in separate foil and braided shields.

Advanced Conductor Design
The cheapest and most common design generally found in signal cables uses a single conductor for each channel, with the return being the shield only. Most cable manufacturers use this design in their entry-level cables.

A second, more advanced design uses a signal conductor and a separate return conductor for each channel, which is separate from the shield. Most high-end audio cable manufacturers use this second design in their entry-level cables.

Pangea Audio's Xtreme Y-Adapter Cable features a far more advanced design. It uses a separate solid core Cardas Grade One Copper conductor for the right and left channels and then a separate OFC copper conductor for each channel's return conductor. Conductors for each channel are then wrapped in a foil shield to reduce inter-channel distortion and the entire cable is shielded with two additional layers of shielding. This design is more expensive and complex to produce, but is sonically superior to the cheaper methods.

"Quite Simply the Best Copper on the Planet"
This Pangea Audio cable uses no-compromise Cardas Grade One Copper, which George Cardas of Cardas Audio developed for his own premium cables.

George’s copper is mined in Arizona, then shipped to a New England factory where it is very S-L-O-W-L-Y drawn into conductors in a process that includes reduction annealing between steps to further purify and meld the copper into what George calls "the most amazing audio conductor I have ever experienced. It is quite simply the best copper on the planet."

"The bottom line is that the best phono cartridges manufactured in the world, the best transformer winders, and the best cable manufactures in the world are converting to this smooth sounding Cardas Grade One Copper," George reports.

"It is simply stunning how using a combination of space-age technology (reduction annealing) and ancient drawing process (diamond dies and a slow multi stage annealing) can result in such a refined product," says George.

Two Y-Adapter Versions
For the widest range of compatibility, the Xtreme Y-Adapter Cable is available in two versions. You can either get the two-male-to-one-female RCA model or the two-female-to-one-male RCA model. Both models are approximately 6.75" long, including plugs.

Beautifully Made, Prime Premium RCAs
The crowning touch of Pangea Audio Xtreme Y-Adapter Cable is the beautifully made Prime RCA termination. These premium RCAs feature a highly advanced form of copolymer core insulator wrapped with gold-plated brass connections. The gold-plated one-piece solid center pin is split on the two-male-to-one-female model, which gives it a compression grip at the connection point. The Prime RCA ground of the male plug (both models) is also gold-plated with four cuts, so it securely grips the female RCA ground.

Extremely Durable Baked-on Chromium Finish
Covering the RCA is a machined brass barrel with a baked-on chromium finish. We asked the designer, Jay Victor, why he chose this finish. "I've designed and built over one hundred RCA cables for various brands around the world and found that after months or years of use, the paint will eventually flake off the barrel. This chrome finish is extremely durable and will last for years without cracking or flaking," answered Jay. "And besides, it looks sexy, doesn't it?" We agree.

Why the low price? Working closely with the designer, Jay Victor, and directly with four different manufacturers in the US and Asia, Pangea Audio is able to offer the Pangea Audio Xtreme Flexible Y-Adapter Cable at a price far below its competition.



  • Flexible Y-adapter
  • Recommended for powered subwoofers and other applications
  • Choose two-male-to-one-female RCA model or two-female-to-one-male RCA model
  • Conductors use US-Made Cardas Grade One copper
  • Separate solid core Cardas Grade One Copper conductor for the right and left channels
  • Separate OFC copper conductor returns
  • Flexible PE insulation
  • Conductors for each channel are wrapped in a foil shield
  • Entire cable is shielded with two additional layers of shielding
  • Advanced nylon outer braid resists cracking
  • Premium black chrome plated Prime 400 RCAs
  • Gold-plated one-piece solid center pin
  • Split center pin for a compression fit (two-male-to-one-female model)
  • Machined brass barrel
  • Extremely durable baked-on chromium finish
  • Approximately 6.75" long