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Pangea Premier SE Ground Turntable Grounding Cable

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Highly Effective Grounding Cable with 6% Silver Plated Conductors. If you’re a vinyl fan, and your hi-fi system suffers from an annoying hum, chances are your turntable is the culprit. Your preamp is extremely sensitive to low level audio signals, and something called a ground loop can cause an audible 60-cycle AC power line hum to reach your preamp or integrated from your turntable. 

The solution is to ground your turntable, and to do this with maximum effectiveness, rely on Pangea Audio Premier SE Ground Cable. It features conductors made of premium Cardas Grade One Copper with 6% silver plating for eradicating hum and other electrical noise associated with grounding problems. 

Silver-Plated Cardas Grade One Copper Conductors
Pangea's Premier SE Ground Cable is made from three 23awg Cardas Grade One Copper conductors plated with 6% silver and gently twisted together to make up an 18awg cable, which is covered by a PVC jacket. The cable is terminated with small spade connectors that fit the ground lug on most turntables and may also be connected to the chassis screw of a component, such as a preamp, amp, or receiver. 

The World's Best Copper
American-made Cardas Grade One Copper is the premium copper that George Cardas of Cardas Audio uses in his own products. He refers to it as "the best copper on the planet." Cardas Copper is mined in Arizona and then shipped to New England where it is slowly and carefully drawn into wire in a custom-designed Argon gas chamber to make sure that no impurities get into the conductor. Next, the Cardas Grade One Copper wire is shipped to a second factory, where the wire is plated with a 6% pure silver coating. 

Don't let turntable hum interfere with your listening pleasure. Hear all the music on your vinyl by eliminating ground-induced hum with the Pangea Audio Premier SE Ground Cable. 


  • Turntable grounding cable
  • Three 23awg Cardas Grade One Copper conductors with 6% pure silver coating
  • Conductors are gently twisted together and covered in a PVC jacket
  • Terminated with small spade connectors that fit the ground lug of most turntables