Mosconi HLA-DUAL - Four Channel High Level Interface

by Mosconi
Rs. 8,990.00

HIGH LOW ADAPTER for 4-Channel System.

For all radios without PRE outputs.

  • HLA.DUAL: 4-CH (L / R front & L / R rear) 60x35x20 mm. 
  • Maximized engineering to reduce the dimensions while maintaining high-level reliability and acoustic performances. 
  • Plug & Play for hidden installation. 
  • Generates a fully automated remote signal to the amplifier with high power output (B.T.L.). 
  • Optimized signal path to eliminate any kind of interference, noise and switch- on/off bump/pop. 
  • S / N Ratio:> 100dB. 
  • Total Harmonic Distortion (T.H.D.): 0.003%. 
  • Double layer PCB and massive use of SMT technology.


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