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Mosconi FSA - Front Stage Adjuster

by Mosconi
Original price ₹ 11,990 - Original price ₹ 11,990
Original price ₹ 11,990
₹ 11,990
₹ 11,990 - ₹ 11,990
Current price ₹ 11,990

Universal Front Stage Adjuster


When you are desperate with your sound system.
…When the drums sound under your feet.
…The piano comes from the right.
…The voice of your favourite singer is behind you.
and everything is confused and without emotions …

Try our FSA, turn the potentiometer and


How it works
The device operates through a phase adjustment at a range of define frequencies, applied to the drive side channel.
It is built with high sound performance analogue components and designed to maintain the sound quality unaltered.

Take out your car radio and connect the Mosconi FSA between the former and the amplifier. Calibrate the sound stage.
Sure, you can now reinstall your car radio! Easy, isn’t it?

Features & Specifications
Effective economic alternative to the “time delay” of car radios and DSP.
It can be used with external DSP devices or radios equipped with DSP.
Suitable for any sound system, 1/2/3 ways, and position of tweeters and other speakers on the front.
Really easy to connect to the source, only through the “Drive Side Pre-Out” signal.
Double side SMT technology design for the smallest size: 41x30x17 mm only!
If no “Pre-Outs” in your source, it can be used in combination with the MOSCONI High/Low Adapter

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