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Lindemann Move Bookshelf Speaker (Pair)

Original price ₹ 380,000 - Original price ₹ 380,000
Original price ₹ 380,000
₹ 380,000
₹ 380,000 - ₹ 380,000
Current price ₹ 380,000

Move is different. Move moves. Move was what we were missing. LINDEMANN has been producing high-quality network streamers with excellent sound for many years. Now we present Move - a monitor speaker that is much more than an addition to our product range. Move is a radically new approach. Quasi rethinking the subject of loudspeakers. We have really put every detail to the test and developed a completely new concept for high-resolution music reproduction. A speaker that moves. Highly talented, detailed and natural. Or just right.

Unlike conventional loudspeakers, the Move is a point source built with a full-range transducer.

The entire spectrum of the music signal is reproduced by only one voice coil. Completely lossless and without crossover. The amplifier output is directly connected to the transducer. A super tweeter extends the high-frequency range up to 36 kHz and provides a rarely heard transparency for recordings with high sampling rates.


  • Point source with full-range transducer. Frequency range 40 Hz to 10 kHz.
  • Air Motion Transformer as a super tweeter up to 36 kHz. Reference class coupling capacitor (Alumen Z-Cap).
  • Tonally balanced, perfectly coherent and time-correct reproduction with perfect impulse response.
  • Housing made of high-density wood material. Aluminum front panel. Very low energy storage, free from cabinet resonance.
  • Housing base with point coupling of the speaker enclosure and perfect energy dissipation.
  • The perfect monitor for high-resolution recordings with high sample rates.
  • Made in Germany


  • Impedance: 8 ohms nominal
  • Frequency range: 40 Hz – 36 kHz
  • Sensitivity: 87 dB @ 2,83 V (1 W into 8 ohms)
  • Input power: 30 W thermal, 60 W impulse
  • Dimensions (HWD): 350 x 186 x 305 mm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg