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Java Carbon Single Shot Integrated Amplifier

Original price ₹ 1,247,990 - Original price ₹ 1,247,990
Original price ₹ 1,247,990
₹ 1,247,990
₹ 1,247,990 - ₹ 1,247,990
Current price ₹ 1,247,990

Our aim is to bring music closer. The act of listening to music is one of life’s simple pleasures, an escapist diversion from the often mundane aspects of our busy daily lives. A chance to let the imagination takeover and the senses be entertained by a variety of rich musical tapestries. With this in mind, JAVA has designed the Carbon Single Shot Integrated Amplifier to deeply immerse the listener into the music they love.

JAVA Hi-Fi breakthrough technologies come together to stunning effect in our range of integrated amplifiers. Combining an LDR pre-amp stage with GaN FET amplifier modules, these fully-featured amps include line level inputs, a hi-res USB DAC, MM phono stage, Bluetooth aptX connectivity and more. An elegant one-box solution that will meet all of your audio needs, the JAVA Single Shot delivers 200 watts/8 ohms per channel.

The JAVA Hi-Fi Single Shot Integrated Amplifier is designed to reproduce music with extraordinary realism. Featuring an LDR pre-amplifier stage and cutting-edge GaN FET amplifier modules, our innovative technology and premium componentry works in harmony to reveal subtle new details in familiar pieces of music. Music flows effortlessly from your speakers in its purest form, enveloping the listener in an immersive soundstage that takes you directly to the heart of the performance – to the simple moment when the music becomes beautiful. 

Premium materials are selected for each JAVA Hi-Fi amplifier based on their aesthetic qualities, their durability and their ability to isolate structural vibration and minimise resonance. A unique inverted assembly design further isolates critical electronic circuits from vibration, while high-accuracy laser-cutting and CNC machining of components (utilising advanced computer-aided design software) ensures optimum fit and finish. Extensive prototyping and testing of every component ensures only the highest-quality finished product is shipped, guaranteeing years of trouble-free listening.


  • Solid 9mm carbon fibre outer casework
  • ETI Research FS-08 silver RCA connectors
  • ETI Research Kryo speaker binding posts
  • IsoAcoustics Gaia IV feet
  • Solid 8mm anodised aluminium front panel
  • Innovative inverted PCB assembly for vibration and resonance control of audio circuit
  • 200 watts/8 ohms (400 watts/4 ohms)
  • LDR pre-amp stage and GaN FET power amp stage
  • 2 x pairs of RCA line-level inputs
  • 1 x pair of RCA outputs (variable pre-out)
  • High-resolution DAC (USB input)
  • MM phono stage (RCA inputs)
  • Bluetooth aptX
  • 1 x headphone output
  • Remote control for volume and source selection
  • Made in New Zealand


    • Output Power 200W/8Ω (THD < 0.03%)
    • Dynamic Range > 108dB SNR and Dynamic Range
    • Distortion < 0.01% THD+N (8Ω, 1W, 20Hz to 20kHz); 0.02 % THD+N (8Ω, 25W, 1kHz)
    • Output Noise 108 dB (Unwtd, 200W/8Ω)
    • Frequency Response 10Hz - 20kHz (+/- 0.5dB)
    • Input Impedance 100kΩ
    • Common-Mode Rej 75dB (20Hz to 20kHz)
    • Input Voltage 100VAC ~ 265VAC (50/60Hz)
    • Output Voltage Dual Rails +-32VDC output
    • Output Power 400W Continuous Output Power, 600W Peak
    • Power Efficiency High efficiency (up to 94%)
    • Power Management Ultra low-noise Zero Current Switching (ZCS) SMPS, Advanced protection system, Active power factor corrector
    • MM Phono Stage Input Impedance 47kΩ
    • MM Phono Stage Input Capacitance 200pf
    • MM Phono Stage Gain 45dB (at 1KHz)
    • RIAA Filter The RIAA equalisation is achieved using a passive filter network. It achieves the RIAA curve to within 1dB throughout the audio band, with the addition of an anti-rumble filter. High tolerance Japanese thin film resistors and German film capacitors are used throughout the design
    • Bluetooth aptX
    • DAC Chips Dual flagship Burr-Brown PCM1794As in monaural mode
    • Sampling Rates PCM up to 192kHz
    • Bit Rates Up to 24-bit
    • Formats Supports all formats. DSD is converted to PCM before playback
    • Signal-to-Noise Ratio 124dB (A-weighted)
    • Residual Noise 1.6uV (A-weighted)
    • Dynamic Range 122dB
    • Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise -110dB or 0.0003%
    • Frequency Response DC (0Hz) to 22kHz @ 48kHz sample rate
    • Frequency Response DC (0Hz) to 44kHz @ 96kHz sample rate
    • Frequency Response DC (0Hz) to 88kHz @ 192kHz sample rate
    • Output Voltage 2.5Vrms (+10.2dBu)
    • Output stage Uses OPA1612s Low Noise Panasonic Resistors Proprietary filtering topology
    • Clock Crystek CCHD-575 oscillator — ultra-low clock jitter of 82fSec 
    • Dimensions 44cm x 41.5cm x 13cm (w/d/h)
    • Weight 10.5kgs (23.15lbs)
    • Shipping Weight 15.2kgs (33.5lbs)