Gladen RC105c4 G2 - Four Channel Amplifier

by Gladen
Sold out
Rs. 44,990.00

2020 updated Generation 2 of the Bestselling RC line amplifiers

  • 4-channel amplifier Class-A/B
  • Double Side PCB and SMD components
  • Stable at 2ohm stereo per channel and 4ohm bridge mode
  • High-level with autosense function (no remote signal required)
  • Variable switchable Low Pass Filter from 45 to 225 Hz or
  • Variable switchable High Pass Filter from 45 to 225 Hz
  • Optional Level control for CH3/4 (sRTC)
  • Protection for overheating, overloading, short circuitry and speaker DC protection
  • Massive heavy aluminum-heat sink

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