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GigaWatt PF-2 EVO Audiophile Power Strip with Surge Protection

Original price ₹ 136,990 - Original price ₹ 221,990
Original price ₹ 136,990
₹ 136,990
₹ 136,990 - ₹ 221,990
Current price ₹ 136,990
Variant: with PowerSync Cable

The Gigawatt PF-2 EVO filtered power strip offers a qualitative solution for mains power filtration. Its function is to protect your audio-video devices from interference and over-voltages but also to provide them with clean and stable current, guaranteeing good quality sound and image. Its robust construction, its rigorously selected components and the hand assembly make it a full-fledged audiophile component which will find its place in any entry-level and mid-range hi-fi system or home cinema.

The Gigawatt PF-2 EVO filtered power strip is capable of powering up to 6 devices at 16 Amps whose maximum cumulative power does not exceed 3680 watts. The maximum peak load supported is impressive (13,000 A!) and allows you to calmly consider the association with large power amps . The ultra-rigid metal chassis prevents any risk of EMI and RFI interference from the outside. A power-on and good operation indicator diode is located near the main power connector in IEC C14 format (compatible with mains power cables in IEC C13 standard).

The Gigawatt PF-2 EVO filtered power strip can power an HDTV, an OLED TV or a UHD-4K TV, a home theater pre-amp + power amp pair (or an integrated home theater amp ), a pre- amp pair + power amp hi-fi amp +  power amp (or an integrated hi-fi amp ), a video projector as well as a DVD/Blu-ray player , an audio network player or an AV network player . It is supplied with a 1.5 m long Gigawatt mains power cable ensuring quality mains current delivery upstream, without the risk of additional external disturbances. 

The design of the Gigawatt PF-2 Evo filtered power strip does not use any traditional protection elements, such as wire fuses or thermal fuses which would disrupt the free flow of current to the protected circuits and have a negative effect on the sound. Protection against overvoltages is guaranteed by the starting block which contains plasma spark gaps, new generation UltraMOV varistors and an initial filter. These elements combined intelligently provide effective protection against increases in current and overvoltages. Interference damping is ensured by RLC type filter blocks using, among other components, low inductance metallized polyester capacitors. All components are silver soldered on specifically designed printed circuits with wide tracks for optimal conduction.

The Gigawatt PF-2 Evo filtered power strip adopts an innovative current distribution system, based on the use of polished high-purity solid CU-ETP copper bars. This system supplies power directly to each power outlet using 4 mm² cross-section cables made of Teflon-insulated, silver-plated electrolytic copper. The use of a star architecture as well as the high conductance and the large section of the connections (approximately 30 mm² for each conductive bar) ensures identical and stable current distribution whatever the load subjected to each of the output power sockets .

The mains sockets used at the output of the Gigawatt PF-2 Evo filtered power strip are Gigawatt G-040 Schuko, designed and manufactured in-house. Brass connectors are silver plated directly in the production plant, without the use of intermediate metals such as copper or nickel which could cause series resistance and voltage loss. The increased contact area and the thick layer of silver guarantee clear and secure contact with the socket pins. The connectors have also been subjected to a cryogenic treatment and a demagnetization process. Each of the sockets is equipped with child protection (compliant with the VDE 0620 standard) and the earthed plugs can be connected in either direction (earth at the top or at the bottom).


  • Anti-interference metal chassis
  • RLC filter block
  • Silver soldered components
  • Wide trace PCB (Printed Circuit Board)
  • Geometry: star wiring
  • Conductors: high purity OFHC copper
  • Conductor cross section: 4 mm²
  • Output sockets: Gigawatt G-040 Schuko, silver-plated contacts and connectors, demagnetized and cryogenically treated
  • Child protection on each socket
  • Power and good functioning indicator


  • Available socket types EU (Schuko), US (Nema 5-20R), AU (AS/NZS 3112)
  • Line voltage 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz
  • Maximum output power 3680 W
  • Maximum current load 16 A
  • Absorbed impulse current 13000 A
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 420 x 90 x 94 mm
  • Gross weight 4.9 kg

About Gigawatt

Enhance your audio and video experience with GigaWatt's high-quality power accessories. Founded in Poland in 2007 by an electronics engineer and audio enthusiast, GigaWatt offers competitively-priced products designed to protect your devices from power noise and surges while delivering impressive sound and picture quality. While there are many power filtering and distribution products, Gigawatt is considered the gold standard when it comes to delivering audiophile sound with top tier protection.