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Exposure VXN 3 Way Active Crossovers

Original price ₹ 264,000 - Original price ₹ 264,000
Original price ₹ 264,000
₹ 264,000
₹ 264,000 - ₹ 264,000
Current price ₹ 264,000

Experience incredible audio performance enhancements by upgrading your loudspeakers to active operation, with Exposure’s new VXN active crossover and VXN power supply. Initially developed for active operation with top-of-range Kudos Audio speakers, upgrading your loudspeakers using an external active crossover, which by-passes the speakers’ internal passive crossovers, you can optimise your amplifiers’ output and greatly improve your speakers’ performance. The Exposure VXN series are masters of their class. Combining cutting edge technology with years of audio experience, these products offer a level of performance that simply has to be heard to be believed

Exposure has been perfecting the art of creating real hi-fi for real music lovers since 1974. What do we mean by ‘real’? Remember the days when things were designed by skilled engineers, perfected over time and built to last? When products were expected to concentrate on doing what they did exceptionally well without fail, rather than getting bogged down with the latest gadgets and gizmos? That’s what we mean by real hi-fi.  

As for real music lovers, no need to explain. You know who you are. You also probably know what you want. A system that brings your beloved music collection to life, not one that looks flash at cocktail parties or requires a second mortgage. It might take a little stretch, but it won’t break the bank. It also won’t require several rocket scientists to set up and maintain. 

What it will do, is to give you real music. Hair-raising and spine-tingling listening experiences. Exposure hi-fi is renowned for its ‘rightness’ of sound. There is delicacy in the upper ranges and openness in the mid-range, underpinned by deep yet agile bass that dances along. To put it another way, our design philosophy is to make hi-fi that gets on with the task of authentically reproducing any and every kind of music, while the equipment itself hides in the background. Which is smart thinking, since real music lovers prefer to listen to their music rather than the hi-fi.   

On the outside, our products are simple, clean and elegant. Robustly built, they offer friendly features and clear controls. We think that the best place for all the complex engineering is on the inside, where decades of research and development go into producing that renowned musical performance. 

Exposure is available worldwide from a network of specialist shops run by people who know a thing or two about the complex relationship between people, hi-fi and music. From our ‘twenty’ and ‘XM’ series to our ‘thirty’ and ‘fifty’ series, we hope that you will be as delighted with the price as the sound. 

Exposure is proud to be a British company based in the south of England and Exposure products are British from design to finish.


  • All active circuitry using discrete transistors – no ICs in the signal path
  • Very low noise regulators used
  • Level setting by DIP switches for good sound and repeatability
  • Very high quality capacitors used in the signal path, all 1% tolerance for accurate setting of frequency roll off
  • Dual mono construction using separate PCBs
  • All aluminium casework and extruded front panel to control resonance and stray electro-magnetic fields
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Available in Black
  • Made in UK


To be powered by an Exposure VXN Power Supply only

  • Roll off rates and level settings to match the loudspeaker in use (to be specified at time of order)
  • Treble: 12-18dB per octave high pass filer
  • Mid: 12-18dB per octave high pass filter, 6-18dB per octave low pass filter
  • Bass: 6-18dB per octave low pass filter
  • Maximum Output Level (any output): 7V RMS
  • Bass output THD @ 100Hz 2V output: <0.005%
  • Mid range output THD @ 1KHz 2V output: <0.005%
  • Treble output THD @ 10KHz 2V output: <0.005%
  • S/N ratio ref 2V output (any output): >100dB
  • Output impedance @ 1KHz (any output): 50 Ohms
  • Level settings of Treble & Mid Range by DIP switches inside the unit (one bank per channel for Treble & Mid Range).  Range -0.5dB to -6.5dB (specials to order)
  • Power Consumption: <10W
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 218mm x 89mm x 348mm
  • Net Weight: 2kg
  • Gross Weight: 3kg


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