Eton PW10 - 10inch Subwoofer

by Eton
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Rs. 24,990.00

The all new ETON PW Subwoofer Series - Out now 12" / 10" / 8" longstroke subwoofers with high loadable double voicecoils, strong ferrite magnets, powder coated & stiffened metal baskets and optimized cooling with large core hole. Pressed paper cones, 2 x 2 ohms Impedance, long excursion surround, high SPL, up to 1200 Watts music power.

Engineered in Germany! get it now!  

250 mm (10 inch) subwoofer in powder coated metal basket with loadable 64 mm aluminium dual voice coil, pressed and stiffened paper cone with long excursion surround, 2 x 2 ohms impedance, 500 W RMS, 1000 W music power handling, large core hole for optimum ventilation, strong ferrite magnet with silicone coating/protection, 278 x 135 mm (DxH), 84 dB characteristic sound pressure level, 6.0 kg.


Nominal impedance Zn (Ohm) 2 x 2 Ohm
DC resistance Re 3.8 Ohm
Resonance frequency fs 1W / TSP (Hz) 33.6
Total Q QTS 0.510
Electrical Q QES 0.560
Mechanical Q QMS 5.753
Equivalent air volume of suspension VAS (dm3) 20.330
Force factor BL x l (Tm) 15.720
Suspension compliance CMS (mm/N) 0.151
Total moving mass MMS (g) 148
Voice coil diameter 60
Voice coil inductance Le (mH) @ 10 kHz 1.844
Effective piston area SD (cm2) 308
SPL (dB) *bei 1 W / 1m 84.5
Rated power / music power (W) 500/1000 W




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