Eton PRO 80 - 3inch Midrange Set

by Eton
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Rs. 29,990.00

In the course of the new launch of the PRO175, there is now the possibility to bring the PRO175 to a 3-way system by using the PRO80 midrange speaker. These are made of hand coated paper cones and a powerful neodymium magnet.

Exquisite measurement results and an harmonic, melodious sound is the result. A midrange for many operational purposes. For expansion to 3-way system, the MRX-3W cross-overs are needed.


DIN - size 3 inch
Mounting diameter 2.91 inch
Mounting depth 1.53 inch
Nominal power handling (all voice coils) 20 W
Nominal impedance) 4 Ohm
Number of voice coils 1


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