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Eton Noisekill COMP 5 - Alubutyl Damping

by Eton
Original price ₹ 14,990 - Original price ₹ 14,990
Original price ₹ 14,990
₹ 14,990
₹ 14,990 - ₹ 14,990
Current price ₹ 14,990

ETON NOISEKILL is very helpful for noise reduction and for fighting vibrations. Especially for inner and outer car parts like the inner door skin, car floors, car roofs and sidewalls / doorcards / panels. Furthermore it has damping properties, so you could use it for inner car parts made out of plastic, polycarbonate and fibre composite material. It is perfect for closing holes in the door panels and on other parts of the car.

Alubutyl composite material with 0.5 mm aluminium, 1.5 mm butyl, 3 mm foam, approx. 5.0 mm total thickness, 4 sheets à 500 x 700 mm, 1.4 sqm. The easy to form and extremely strong adhesive alubutyl composite material is provided with a water-repellent foam, which eliminates disturbing vibration noises, it can be strongly compressed, yet this layer has the necessary swelling behaviour and encloses loose interior trim parts such as bowden cables and other cables.

COMP 5 is therefore the ideal insulating material for various interior and exterior panels on which there are loose cables or other moving components such as bowden cables and other cables. The strongly adhesive 1.5 mm thick butyl layer ensures optimum stiffening of the underground and is easy to press on and 3D shaping, ideally suited for boot recesses, interior door panels, door trims and the roof area.

Engineered in Germany - IN SOUND WE TRUST.


  • 1.5 mm Butyl + 0.05 mm aluminum + 3 mm foam + 0.45 mm adhesive
  • Overall thickness: ~5.0 mm
  • Temperature resistant: -50°C – 150°C
  • Working temperature: from +10°C
  • ETON NOISEKILL is complaint with the strict RoHs compliance guidelines.


  • Manual