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Eton Noisekill 2.2 - Alubutyl Damping

by Eton
Original price ₹ 8,990 - Original price ₹ 34,990
Original price ₹ 8,990
₹ 8,990
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Looking for ultimate sound quality? Then you'll miss a trick if you don't include what many forget: Soundproofing the inside of your car! After all, a loudspeaker can only ever be as good as the surrounding conditions allow it to be.

Who hasn't been there? Vibration noises, loud driving and outside noises intruding on your enjoyment of your new speaker system. To make this a thing of the past, we have developed the new high-end ETON NOISEKILL Alubutyl composite. It eliminates annoying vibration sounds, reduces vehicle resonance, ensures significantly more precise music playback and makes your vehicle's speakers more efficient. It can be used to combat engine noises, driving sounds and other auditory irritations. It is suitable for installation in both the interior and exterior of vehicles.

Thanks to our newly developed butyl composition, in combination with its scratch-resistant, smooth aluminium surface, a HIGH-END, top-class soundproofing material has been created. ETON NOISEKILL is impressive thanks to its extreme adhesive strength, low net weight and very high rigidity, paired with simple shaping and processing. It is very hard for dirt particles to stick to the scratch-resistant, very smooth surface. This guarantees the prevention of rust formation in the car's interior and hollow spaces. The smooth quality of the surface ensures that the product has optimum soundproofing properties and guarantees that it can be fitted to a variety of surfaces without any problems. The high adhesive strength of butyl gives ETON NOISEKILL a particularly long-lasting and temperature-resistant adhesive strength that won't let up, even when subjected to extreme variations in temperature.

ETON NOISEKILL is the right product for anyone who appreciates the clearest and richest music playback with increased efficiency. High-end composite material with an optimised weight, for improving the overall acoustics of the vehicle interior or for reducing engine, driving and vibration noises – can be used in the interior and exterior of a vehicle. Available in 2.2 mm material thickness in various prefabricated sheet sizes and packaging units, optimised for the use of vehicle doors.

Available in bulk as well as customer packs.

In gold we trust! Made in Europe.


  • High-end soundproofing material in thickness of 2.2 mm
  • Aluminum-butyl
  • Smooth, scratch-resistant surface structure avoids dirt deposition and rust formation
  • Newly developed butyl composition
  • Optimized adhesive power
  • Maintains stability when subjected to extre-me variations in temperature
  • Optimized long-term adhesive strength
  • High level of soundproofing
  • Optimized weight
  • Simple to shape and process
  • Mechanical loss factor 2.2 mm ? 0.33
  • Available in bulk as well as customer packs: Bulk pack 2.2: 20 sheets, 700 x 500 mm, Customer pack 2.2: 8 sheets, 350 x 500 mm


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