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Edwards Audio IA5P Integrated Amplifier

Original price ₹ 69,000 - Original price ₹ 69,000
Original price ₹ 69,000
₹ 69,000
₹ 69,000 - ₹ 69,000
Current price ₹ 69,000

The Edwards Audio IA5 Integrated Amplifier is a completely new design. The intention was to try to build the best and at the same time a GREAT VALUE  British amplifier, only to prove that we can still do it. The result is the impressive Edwards audio series of integrated amplifiers, which we consider to be a very attractive series with the top level of sound performance we are used to.

The main draft is a spin-off of its bigger brothers, with some improvements we have found during development. It is based on an all-new Class AB, Bipolar, Darlington configured output stage with sank transistors, connected to a differential front end and a buffered voltage level. The main power supply consists of a custom wound toroidal transformer with 10,000uF for smoothing. The active pre-amp section uses a soundwell volume control and has relays in the input switchover. So there are no compromises on the parts used! The design of the IA model was a challenge, it should be a device that anyone interested can still afford in these difficult economic years. This is, we think, an important consideration. As a compromise on everything "modern".

The housing size in half hi-fi format and the beautiful display with the red LED backlight make the amplifier an elegant and unobtrusive appearance - its connection variety with a line input as stereo jack 3.5 mm and 4 inputs with RCA connection (with Phono-MM) is already surprising.

It features an acrylic front panel with red backlit display and 40 mm aluminum buttons made in a black anodized beaded beamed finish. The board is equipped with Vishay Mini Melf 1% resistors .B - we don't use the usual thin film types, which really sound worse. The capacitors from the Panasonic FM series and larger components are all hand-arranged and soldered by hand, because flow soldering has a negative impact on sound quality. So where did we manage to make the savings?

Well, the answer is simple, we have invested in buildings and machines for many years and thus have very low overheads and at the same time low production costs. This is enhanced by some efficient design techniques that allow us to produce a fully tested amplifier in less than an hour, the most of which is due to the hand-soldered all wired components. So if you really want it and try hard enough, it's still possible to produce high quality and "inexpensive" components in the UK.

In connection with our Apprentice TT turntables and Apprentice SP speakers and connected to our amazing TALK 3 speaker cable, this complete system will produce an amazing sound quality for a very affordable effort - and it's all produced here in the UK. The IA5 has an improved power supply based on an individually wound 200VA transformer and its AC input has a circuit to block DC.

TALK Electronics is a UK based designer and manufacturer of award winning hi-fi equipment. We have designed and manufactured some of the world’s finest, value-for-money, high-fidelity equipment for 25 years. The Edwards Audio series from TALK Electronics is a competitive range of unrivaled high performance products.  Do not be deceived by the size of this range, as it has been designed to set new standards in this area.  It can compete with many ‘fully grown’ products which are out in the market and if reviews are anything to go by, then TALK Electronics have achieved its goal with many awards and reviews from around the world.


  • Compact Class AB design with upto 80W per channel
  • High Quality parts
  • Hand Made in The UK


  • Output power 8 ohm/4 ohms both channels operated 50W/80W
  • Frequency response +/-1.5dB 20-20kHz
  • Distortion 0.1%@20Khz 1 W
  • Signal-to-noise ratio 1W - A weighted -83dB
  • MM card (OPTION) Gain 40dB 47K to 120pF
  • Channel separation better than 66dB - 20-20kHz
  • Input Resistor - Line 27K
  • Dynamic range 110dB
  • Output impedance <0.1 Ohm
  • Max output power 5mSec 1kHz one channel 80W to 8 Ohms
  • Dimensions in mm WxHxL 218mm x 87.5mm x 325mm
  • Weight with packaging / unpackaged 4kg/3kg

Awards & Reviews

With the compact IA5, Edwards Audio has achieved a really big hit, because the small powerhouse plays at an amazingly high level. Its equipment is perfectly suited for classic hi-fi systems and offers   a high-quality Phono-MM preamp. Considering the more than fair price of the IA 5 600euos  there is only one logical recommendation: Buy now! - HIFI Test Germany