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EAT C-Sharp Vinyl Turntable

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Original price ₹ 247,990
₹ 557,990
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Color: Black Carbon
Option: Without Cartridge

E.A.T., lead by Jozefina Lichtenegger, a lady with distinct for elegance and design, went into the turntable business with completely new approach. High End turntables get big, massy and bulky close to phallic. When the technical design goes into extreme! European Audio Team wants to offer tables with the maximum of technology and Performance but still elegant looking. The Forte and Forte S with their special designed superlative heavy platter have been a revolution in the High-end AudioMarket. Never a turntable combined such Kinetic energy in such elegant products. Later the E-Flat topped the concept with the first unseeable super flat high-end platter in a wonderful mass loaded dual Motor Design. The success of the E-Flat motivated EAT to bring an even more elegant and slim turntable to the market. The C-SHARP.

Thanks to new materials like Carbon Fibre and Thermoplastic Elastomer EAT was designing a new super-flat table.

The low profile base chassis is made out of highest density MDF. Because of its flatness this base sits perfectly stable on any surface! On this base the ultra low noise motor is mounted as well as 10 damping feets out of energy absorbing TPE (Termoplastic Elastomers = Hightech high energy absorbing damping material). The cone shape TPE columns carry a SANDWICH subchassis out of Carbon Fibre and MDF composite with ultimate rigidity.

The stiffness is important to be a super rigid base for the tonearm/cartridge and bearing/platter as there must be 100 % no moving tolerance between the distance of the groove and the tracking cartridge. All the rumble of the platter / bearing is directed in the TPE columns. On opposite the TPE avoid that any unwanted energie of motor and surface or surrounding vibration leads to the subchassis or even to the tonearm cartridge.

The bearing is an oversized inverted with a inert, resonance free ceramic ball on top Around the bearing we set a super heavy 700g mass point which sucks up all energy arround.The stiff carbon subchassis helps to transport all vibration in this mass point. So vibrations are transferred in heat The platter intself is from a special alloy of very inert aluminium and is also damped by TPE inserts-It from 2 parts a subplatter and a mainplatter to keep it flat although having very high mass and kinetic energie.

The belt is made from special anti-static rubber. It's glued and then polished.

The tonearm itself is a completely new design which combines all advantages of a unipivot arm with a cardan design. The uni-pivot in the middle only helps bearing to be less loaded. The traditional Cardan bearing insures high stabilty and easy ness of use with very low friction. Also inside the tonearm is a special silicon-based grease to damp the tonearm / cartridge resonances by more then 50%

The tube is again out of carbon , super stiff and rigid. The headshell we made out of special light and rigid aluminium to get a perfect combination of the advantages of carbon with the better inner damping of the aluminium as well as the possibility of more tighter mounting of High-end MC cartridges.

An external DC powersupply unit with an AC Generator creates new total clean power for the motors . For sure you have also 33 /45 electronic switching.

A HIGH-END solution as the whole table.


  • SuperFlat Table using Carbon Fibre and Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Ultra Low Noise Motor
  • TPE Damping Feet
  • Sandwich Sub-chassis made out of Carbon Fibre and MDF composite
  • Cardan/Unipivot Tonearm Design
  • Carbon Fiber Tonearm
  • External DC Power Supply
  • Optional Dust Covers in 5 colour options
  • Made in Europe


MODEL EAT C-Sharp turntable
NOMINAL SPEED 33/45 rpm, driven by microprocessor, separate control panel, lighted control buttons
SPEED VARIANCE 33 rpm: ± < 0,08%, 45 rpm: ± < 0,09%
SIGNAL TO NOISE S/N Ratio ( mechanical noise): – 40 dB, Signal to noise (electrical noise): -70 dB
SUPPLIED COUNTERWEIGHTS without additional insert =>for cartridge 5 – 9g (125g), with additional insert =>for cartridge 8,5 – 13g(142g)
POWER CONSUMPTION 8,5 W max / 0,5 W stanby
VOLTAGE Universal swith mode power supply 15 V DC / 1,6 A, 90-264 V AC, 47 – 63Hz
DIMENSIONS (W × H × D) 500 × 400 × 115mm without connectors, 500 × 435 × 115mm with connectors in the rear panel
WEIGHT (WITHOUT BOX) 13,5 kg + 0,5 kg Separated control panel


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About E.A.T

Based in Vienna, Austria, E.A.T is led by Jozefina Lichtenegger who in 1998 started with vacuum tube production. Even today, every valve is handmade in the Czech Republic and rigorously tested on custom-made equipment to ensure unparalleled performance. EATs mission was to produce the most excellent 300B, and KT88 tubes money can buy, and they succeeded.

All European Audio Team high performance products have been designed to bring us as close as possible to the meaning and spirit of the original composition and performance. 

EATs innovative heavy platter design created a revolution in the high-end audio market when Lichtenegger launched her first turntable, the Forte, in 2009. The high mass platter moved the mass beyond the record edge so that there was more stability while opposing magnets placed below it reduced bearing pressure. Using their considerable R&D resources, EAT has developed an entire line of Turntables that have won hearts, accolades and a loyal fan following across the globe. 

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