EAM Lab Studio 300 Stereo Power Amplifier

by EAM Lab
Rs. 245,000.00

The EAM LAB Studio 300 is a compact stereo power amplifier, which uses 6 pairs per channel of the BJT MJL3281 / MJL1302 transistor, delivers 230 watts rms per channel and offers a complete measure of "EAMLAB sound" at a realistic price. Using the powerful power supply that is the basis of EAMLAB projects, the STUDIO models are capable of delivering extremely clean power combined with exceptional dynamics.

These rugged amplifiers are capable of delivering exceptionally wide sound reproduction from any satellite, mini-monitor or large floor-standing system. It is the twin brother of the STUDIO 362 model but in the version without front indicators and also available in the professional version with front for rack mounting.
Thanks to its robustness and reproduction quality, this amplifier is the ideal companion for professional recording studios or for the simplest high-fidelity home audio systems in 2-channel stereo or to best enhance the dynamics of your favourite cinemas in multi-way systems.

Over 230 watts per channel (600 watts of power into 2 ohms), this stereo amplifier offers exceptional musical clarity and high power in a single compact chassis. Utilizing the finest quality components and built entirely by hand by skilled craftsmen, the STUDIO 300 is EAMLAB's offering of a high-value, high-power solid-state amplifier. The well-known EamLab sound fast, clean, musical and exceptional low frequency punch is provided by a massive 6-pair complement power stage per channel of the BJT MJL 3281 / MJL1302 transitor.

Exceptionally suitable for driving demanding loudspeakers remaining very dynamic and fast even at high volumes. These amplifiers are suitable for electrostatic panels, floorstanding loudspeakers with very low impedance modules and even smaller dynamic loudspeakers which do not require high current. For impressive performance in the midrange and composure in the lower end, the STUDIO 300 wins hands down.

Built with Dual Mono philosophy, each channel is powered separately and all power supplies are stabilized and optimally filtered. The power is supplied by an EamDualcorETM transformer with a total power of 1,200VA and a low ESR filtering section of over 80,000uF, guaranteeing an energy supply even at high volumes and low load impedances.

The driving reliability and stability on the load is entrusted to 6 pairs per channel of bipolar transistors in Darlinghton MJL 3281 / MJL 1302 configuration
The engineering of PCBs in SMD technology allows a high rejection to vibrations induced by external causes with a notable reduction of the sound "microphonics". The result is greater detail and focus of the scene and instruments.
The transformer is also isolated by a metal casing. This minimizes the magnetic induction in the delicate amplification circuits to the advantage of the sound contrast and the reduction of background noise.

The whole filter section, including the rectifier bridges, are mounted on a glass ceramic pcb. With this method we have eliminated the wiring in the air to the advantage of a lower contact resistance and a greater supply of current to the main power circuits.


  • Solid state amplifier
  • Dual mono
  • Class A up to 10 W
  • EAM Lab transformers
  • 12 MJL3281 / MJL1302 transistors per channel
  • filter capacity> 80.000uf
  • Made in Italy


  • Dual mono amplifier operating in class A up to 10 Watts 
  • RMS power output per channel 200w @ 8 ohm, 360w @ 4 ohm, 500w @ 2 ohm
  • THD + N < 0.002% full power 8 ohm 
  • Frequency response 10hz to 80 Khz +/- 0.8 db
  • Damping factor 300 refer 8 ohm @ 50 hz 
  • Input CMRR > 85 db

  • Noise ratio > 114 db  

  • Input sens. XLR / RCA 1 Vrms 

  • Input impedance 47 Kohm XLR / 22 Kohm RCA 

  • Dimensions 350 x 220 x 420 mm 

  • Weight 28 Kg


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