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EAM Lab Studio 162 Stereo Power Amplifier

by EAM Lab
Original price ₹ 190,000 - Original price ₹ 190,000
Original price ₹ 190,000
₹ 190,000
₹ 190,000 - ₹ 190,000
Current price ₹ 190,000

The EAM Lab STUDIO 162 Power Amplifier is designed for faithful and dynamic reproduction even with little space available. The STUDIO 162 uses 2 pairs per channel of the BJT MJL3281 / MJL1302 transistor outputs 90 watts rms per channel and offers a complete measurement of "EAMLAB sound" at a realistic price. Thanks to a powerful power supply that is the basis of EAMLAB projects, the STUDIO 162 models are capable of delivering extremely clean power combined with exceptional dynamics.

Over 90 watts per channel (250 watts of power into 2 ohms), this stereo amplifier delivers exceptional musical clarity and high power. Most experts agree that if you want the best sound quality and technical performance, separate components are the way to go. Our new second generation STUDIO Series power amplifiers are designed from the ground up to perform one critical task: accurately reproduce every detail and nuance of your music. In STUDIO 162 we focused all our efforts on that one goal and designed an amplifier that gets the job done with remarkable precision in a compact, low-cost chassis

The power amplifier performs the simple but critical task of boosting the output signals from each channel of the stereo preamplifier or surround sound processor to the level needed to drive the speakers. While this may seem trivial, a great power amplifier is essential to have faithful reproduction, because any flaws in the performance of the power amplifier will limit the performance of the entire system.

These rugged amplifiers are capable of delivering exceptionally wide sound reproduction from any satellite, mini-monitor or large floor-standing system.

On a single Board there are the two amplification channels, the protection stage and the power circuit filter

This design allows you to shorten the electrical path from the transformer to the final output stages by reducing overall impedance and allowing the circuit to respond faster by better controlling the speakers and more accurately.

The energy that can be developed is entrusted to a 500 VA transformer capable of supplying all the power and dynamics required in any condition of use. 

The pursuit of perfect amplification is a well-known theme in high-end audio. New technologies present new approaches, while looking to the past provides inspiration for the future.

It is with this spirit that we have developed the new STUDIO line, with a design recommended by the best tradition and with a specific target sound: deep and expansive stage, accurate image positioning, extended and defined bass response and total control over the speakers also at very low impedances.


Conceived on a single PCB where both amplifier channels and the power supply circuit are located. , each channel is powered separately and all power supplies are stabilized and optimally filtered . The power is supplied by an EamDualcorETM transformer with a total power of 500VA and a low ESR filtering section of over 26,000uF, guaranteeing an energy supply even at high volumes and low load impedances.
The driving reliability and stability on the load is ensured by 2 pairs per channel of bipolar transistors in Darlington MJL 3281 / MJL 1302 configuration
The engineering of the PCBs in SMD technology allows a high rejection of vibrations induced by external causes with a considerable reduction of the sound "microphonics". The result is greater detail and focus of the scene and instruments.

The whole filter section, including the bridge rectifiers, are mounted on the main PCB. With this method we have eliminated the air wiring to the advantage of a lower contact resistance and a greater current input to the main power circuits.


  • Dual mono amplifier operating in class A up to 10 Watt
  • WBT loudspeaker binding posts
  • Input Stage is entrusted to low noise and high bandwidth operational amplifiers and processes both balanced and single ended signals. We have given particular importance to this section as it is the first approach towards perfect sound performance. Also for this section the power supplies are filtered and optimally stabilized.
  • VU Meters are directly connected to the load and constantly read the real power applied to it.
  • ILP (intelligent lock power) to monitor amplifier operation.
  • 12mm steel chassis reinforced with ribs at critical points to minimize vibrations. The front panel is in 10 mm anticorodal aluminium.
  • Chassis and dissipators painted with special polymers resistant to heat and scratches.
  • Made In Italy


  • RMS power both channel driven 90 W @ 8 ohm , 160 W @ 4 ohm , 250 @ 2 ohm
  • Input impedance : 47 Kohm via XLR , 22 Kohm via RCA
  • Slew/rate 35 V/uS
  • DF 250 su 8 ohm a 50hz
  • Input Sensivity 1.4 Vrms per piena potenza
  • Frequency response 20hz – 28Khz +/- 0.05 db / 5hz – 100Khz +/- 3db
  • THD vs FR 0.003% @ 1Khz
  • Input CMRR > 80 db
  • Signal to noise ratio >107 db
  • Dimension 36 x 42 x 9 cm. ( P x L x H )
  • Weight 15 kg