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Devialet EXPERT 130 PRO - Audiophile Integrated Amplifier

Original price ₹ 539,000 - Original price ₹ 539,000
Original price ₹ 539,000
₹ 539,000
₹ 539,000 - ₹ 539,000
Current price ₹ 539,000

The Expert Pro 130 is well above and beyond an ordinary amplifier. In fact Devialet has reinvented and combines all of the key components of an audiophile system (preamplifier, amplifier, DAC, streamer, phono stage) into a single and extremely thin slab.

In the 140’s case this has been combined into a stereo amplifier that is fully configurable and incorporates all of Devialet’s latest technology including ADHV2®, SAM®, AIR®, EVO®, DAC Magic Wire®.

The Expert 130 Pro represents the most beautiful gateway into a new kind of audiophile world. It includes all Devialet exclusive technologies as well as major innovations developed for the new Expert Pro range, including distortion performance multiplied by 2 in stereo and an architecture designed to develop towards new uses.

Key technical outputs include:
THD+N : 0,0005% (130W / 6O)
THD : 0,00025% (10W / 6O)
Signal-to-Noise ratio: 130dB
New ADH Intelligence®

The Expert Pro 130 represents the world’s best performance, at all power levels…

Devailet technologies
Each Expert Pro system incorporates all of the exclusive technologies invented by Devialet. A revolutionary electronic architecture that radically optimises the entire sound signal path, from its input in the Expert Pro system to its output to your speakers.

The key elements of this unique architecture have been thoroughly reviewed for the new Expert Pro line which introduces many major innovations:

New ADH Intelligence®
New Class A Amplifier
New Class D Amplifier
New Magic Wire®
New Power Supply
New Thermal Management

These technologies are protected by 108 patents, achieving 62 awards and acclaimed by the international audiophile press.

ADH® – Get the best of both worlds.
Invented by Devialet, ADH Intelligence is the first hybrid amplification technology that combines the refinement of analog amplification (Class A) with the power and compactness of digital amplification (Class D). Both types of amplification operate in parallel, for radically increased performance.With Expert Pro, Devialet introduced a new version of the ADH Intelligence®, pushing once again the extreme performance of this unique technology.

Meet SAM® – it will get the best from your speakers.
For the first time, the SAM® technology (Speaker Active Matching) enables the precise adaptation of the sound signal to the specifications of your speaker model. This is made possible by the powerful DSP at the heart of each Expert Pro system.

These built-in systems protect your speakers and ensure top performance.

DAC Magic Wire® – welcome to the world’s shortest signal path.
The invention of Magic Wire® technology enables Devialet to ensure the world’s shortest path between the DAC and speaker connections: 5 cm. To achieve this technological feat, Devialet refined the best digital-to-analog converter to achieve the world’s best performance in noise and distortion levels.

Switch-mode power supply – means all the power of current, with complete transparency.
Supported by a revolutionary switching mode power supply, the Expert Pro system goes from absolute silence to explosive dynamics in the blink of an eye.

AIR® for High definition streaming.|
Invented for high definition music, AIR® enables you to enjoy all your streaming audio content without compromise (up to 24 bits / 192 kHz), via Ethernet or Wi-Fi, regardless of the format, multimedia player or streaming service that you use. AIR® (Asynchronous Intelligent Route) is the world’s most advanced audio streaming technology.

RAM® The world’s most advanced phono stage.
Thanks to the exclusive RAM® (Record Active Matching) technology, your phono stage is entirely and dynamically configurable. It precisely adapts itself to the characteristics of your turntable and your vinyl records. Serving the musical heritage.

EVO® – The permanent upgrade.
Expert Pro systems are designed to perpetually remain state-of-the-art. The EVO® platform, the electronic architecture of Expert Pro systems, is fully driven by upgradeable software. As such, your Expert Pro undergoes constant improvement via free, regular updates, for ever improved features and performance.

Devialet Remote – the weight of audiophile refinement 
Carved out of a single aluminium block, the Expert Pro Remote enables you to drive your system with unparalleled finesse. Responsive and precise, the Expert Pro Remote offers the best audiophile experience. Using zero latency radio transmission technology, the Expert Pro Remote is fully omnidirectional.