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B&O Beoplay A9 (5th Gen) - Multiroom Wireless Streaming Speaker

Original price ₹ 310,000 - Original price ₹ 340,000
Original price ₹ 340,000
₹ 340,000
₹ 310,000 - ₹ 340,000
Current price ₹ 340,000
Color: Gold Tone

Fidelity comes full circle. The sound of home, ahead of the curve. Beosound A9 defies every convention, and defines any moment.  Sound and shape unite in this iconic, customisable speaker. Seven drivers bring the power. A century of craft brings the form.

A statement in sound and sight. Beosound A9 makes every musical moment rich, detailed and immersive – all from a seamless circular shape that blends in beautifully or stands out confidently. Crafted from premium anodised aluminium, fabric and real oak, it’s a timeless work of art that can be customised to match your space and taste. When it’s time to dial up the volume, simply slide your finger gently across the top surface – and with a simple tap you can skip to the next or previous track and play/pause your music.

Beosound A9's iconic shape is designed to be displayed. From afar, it's a minimal masterpiece. Up close, the details shine. Just like your favourite furniture, it stands apart in any room. And if you prefer it on the wall, it rises to the occasion. Enjoy beauty from every angle, whether you press play or not.

A9 stands strong on real oak legs, and delivers your music through acoustically calibrated covers. Ringed with precision-milled aluminium and backed by high-quality polymers, it forms an endless loop of engineering and art.

The shape is timeless, but the shade is yours to choose. A9 is a customisable centrepiece that adapts to your taste and space. Want a striking colour? You're covered. Different legs? Swap them out. Personalise your speaker to chime with any room, and sing in any home.

Behind Beosound A9's effortless exterior lies an intricate world of power. Seven custom-built drivers deliver exceptional detail. Clear vocals, crisp instrumentation, deep bass – and enough volume to fill any room. It's as rich as it is rounded.

A9 works out where it is in the room to give you perfect playback, every time. Ensuring bass, mids and highs are never too overpowering or weak. Wherever you place it, it gives a standout performance. No muddiness. No fuzziness. Just pure, clean sound. As the artist intended.

When A9 plays, the whole room takes notice. Boasting volume that rivals much bigger speaker setups, it's perfect for large spaces and get-togethers. Want a more immersive experience? Seamlessly connect A9 with other speakers to let the music flow through your home.

Time to entertain? Dial up the bass. A moment to relax? Level things out, like when it's time for your favourite podcast. The B&O app gives you customisable sound, right in the palm of your hand.

Bring all your speakers into the circle with seamless connectivity and intuitive streaming. Your favourite tracks, in your favourite spaces.

Pair two Beosound A9 together and experience your music with more detail, depth and scale than ever before.


  • Room-filling Sound
  • Customisable beauty
  • Slide and tap control
  • Part of connected speakers

Rich, dynamic and full of finesse

Beosound 2 delivers stellar and truly powerful sound performance. Applying our Acoustic Lens Technology into the conical speaker body creates a 360-degree sound experience that fills the entire room from anywhere you place the speaker.

Aesthetic functionalism

Beosound 2 is designed for flexibility. Delivering the morning news from the kitchen table or playing discreetly from the living room floor. With its clean lines and small footprint, it has an adaptable design that fits in everywhere in your home.

A seamless piece of beauty

Crafted in high-grade aluminium with incredible attention to detail. But our material choice go well beyond aesthetics. It also provides superior acoustic properties thanks to its material stiffness and seamless surfaces that eliminate any distortion of your sound.

Get more done with just your voice

Beosound 2 with the Google Assistant. You can easily enjoy music at home just with your voice; you can play your favorite music, control volume and find information about the song that you are listening to, hands-free. You can also plan your day, set alarms and control smart devices around your home - just by using your voice. 

The essence of control

Beosound 2 has a built-in proximity sensor that detects your presence and automatically turns the control interface towards you. The top of the speaker works as a minimalistic control panel. Simply tap to start your favourite radio station, turn the wheel to adjust the volume and swipe to change tracks.


  • Recommended Room Size 15-100 m² 150-1000 ft²
  • Speaker Configuration 2 x ¾" tweeter, 2 x 3" mid-range, 2 x 1 ½" full-range, 1 x 8" woofer
  • Amplifier 2 x 150 watt class D for treble, 2 x 200 watt class D for midrange, 2 x 200 watt class D for fullrange, 1 x 400 watt class D for bass
  • Frequency Range 33 - 23000 Hz
  • Maximum Sound Pressure Level @1m 100 dB SPL
  • Bass Capability 95 dB SPL
  • Stereo Pairing Pair two Beosound A9 5th Gen to enjoy a stereo listening experience.
  • Advanced Sound Features Active Room Compensation, Acoustic Lens Technology, Adaptive Bass Linearization, Thermal Protection
  • Customizable Sound EQ Presets available and fully customisable through the Bang & Olufsen App
  • Materials Aluminium, Fabric / Wool, Wood, Polymer
  • Dimensions (Width x Height x Depth) (cm) 70.1 W x 90.8 H x 41.5
  • Weight 14.7 kg