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AudioQuest PowerQuest 2 - Power Distribution

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A high-quality power conditioner provides safety and performance benefits that far outweigh the dollar outlay. Whether your system is a basic TV/sound bar combo or a full-on home theater setup, AudioQuest's PowerQuest 2 makes advanced AC power protection convenient and affordable.

Unlike conventional designs, the PQ-2's non-sacrificial surge protection prevents both high voltage and current from damaging your gear, and ensures that the PowerQuest unit will not fail over time.

The PowerQuest Extreme Voltage Shutdown feature continuously monitors incoming power. In the case of over-voltage (140V or higher), the power to your equipment is switched off. When voltage returns to a safe level, power is automatically reconnected. A handy switch also lets you manually cut power to all connected devices.

The PowerQuest models were developed by AudioQuest's AC power guru, Garth Powell, who has designed some of the best power conditioners money can buy: AudioQuest's award-winning Niagara series.

Compared to most power conditioners in the PowerQuest's price range, the PQ-2 filters out more line noise and distortion, improving the sound and picture quality of connected devices. It handles the differential noise that is present on the utility AC line, or backwashed via your home's electronic appliances and components. And AQ's patented ground noise dissipation technology effectively deals with this elusive type of noise, too.

The PQ-2's slim profile is designed to fit tight spaces and can be oriented either vertically or horizontally. The pre-attached high-quality AudioQuest power cord adds another small performance edge.


  • Total of 6 protected AC power outlets
    • 1 high-current outlet for receivers, amps, sound bars, and powered subs
    • 1 4K/8K video-optimized linear filter outlet with additional ground noise dissipation technology to maximize TV/projector performance
    • 4 linear filter outlets for audio/video source components, computer, modem, or router
  • 1 set of coaxial RF input/output jacks for cable/satellite TV
  • 2 USB charging ports
  • PowerQuest Extreme Voltage Shutdown shuts off power when 140V or higher is detected, and auto-resets once incoming power is within a safe range
  • response time: 0.25 seconds
  • non-sacrificial surge protection can withstand multiple 6000V/3000A input surges (the maximum that can survive a building's AC electrical panel)
  • PowerQuest Linear noise filtering (addresses differential-mode and ground noise)
  • maximum current rating: 15 amps
  • 7-ft. high-quality AudioQuest power cord
  • 15-1/2"W x 3-3/16"H x 6-1/16"D
  • weight: 4.8 lbs.