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ASR Emitter II - Audiophile Integrated Amplifier

by ASR
Original price ₹ 1,970,000 - Original price ₹ 2,820,000
Original price ₹ 1,970,000
₹ 1,970,000
₹ 1,970,000 - ₹ 2,820,000
Current price ₹ 1,970,000
Vaiant: Basic

The Emitter II models are considered the ultimate ratio in amplifier construction by real music connoisseurs and uncompromising audiophiles. Almost purely through hearsay, a music-addicted and constantly growing fan base has developed worldwide, which has realised its desire for a concert hall in its home environment.

Powered by two separate power supplies, the most sophisticated loudspeakers and elaborately built dynamic converters are driven to achieve top sonic performance. With an Emitter II Basic, music unfolds in its full dynamic range.

From the breath to the quietest rustle on stage to the power of the full orchestra, the Emitter II Basic plays all tones neutrally, powerfully, energetically, with high resolution and unadulterated into the listening room.

Playback and spatial imaging remain absolutely stable, especially at peak concert volume levels.

Soft listeners also rave about the noticeable and very pleasant energy in the sound, which makes the music a relaxing and pleasant experience even at low levels.

The Emitter II Exclusive is technically more sophisticated, offers more power and is one of the most sophisticated high-end amplifiers on the world market. When the Emitter II Exclusive is unleashed on the listeners at listening appointments or our popular Emitter Day (...), tears often fall while listening to their favorite music. Many amazed visitors ordered the Emitter experience directly or let it sink in only to decide on an exclusive Emitter after a few weeks and several amplifier comparisons.

With the additional battery power supply (separate and clean supply of the input amplifier stage) for the Emitter II Exclusive, we have been able to top the best again. When you use good speakers and source devices, you will experience an even more gigantic three-dimensionality in the sound that you have most likely never experienced so clearly before.



  • Class A/B technology with 20 special audio MOSFETS with high impulse resistance.
  • Mounting rails for the final transistors made of solid brass for low resonances.
  • Volume adjustment with relay level switch in 1dB steps with balance and level compensation.
  • 42 mm LED display optionally in white, yellow or blue for function display, adjustable in many ways.
  • 5 relay-switched high level inputs plus 1 direct input, 1 tape out.
  • Adjustable input impedance 22 k to 470 ohms for the cynch inputs.
  • Gold-plated brass cinch sockets with Teflon insulation.
  • Solid silver wires in the speaker signal path.
  • Large 100 amp terminals for cable lugs and 4 mm banana plugs.
  • Protection circuits against overload, overdrive, short circuit, overheating and DC voltage.
  • Circuit boards with a high material thickness of 2.5 mm and a particularly strong copper coating, components in a mirror-symmetrical arrangement.
  • 2 external power supplies each with 3 PM power transformers and energy saving circuit.
  • Separate rectification for each of the 8 voltages with 64 Schottky diodes per power supply.
  • HV filter capacitors with a total of 757,520 uF filtering in 100 V.
  • Particularly stable power supply housing made of high-quality, thick-walled sheet steel.
  • Low-loss Neozed high-load fuses in the power supply.
  • Stable industrial connector from Harting for connecting to the amplifier section.
  • Double shielded connecting cable to the amplifier section, 2m long, other lengths available upon customer request.
  • Power cable ASR Magic Cord 150 cm with low-loss 21A mains plug connection on the power supply, other lengths available upon customer request.
  • High-quality ASR design remote control made of Corian (artificial stone) with stainless steel buttons for all functions.
  • Two-channel transistor integrated amplifier in an acrylic housing, with input selector switch and level control
  • 2x 450 watts / 4 ohms - 4x 500 VA transformers
  • Frequency response from 1 to 100,000 Hz with +/-1dB, 20-20,000 HZ +/- 0.2 dB
  • External voltage distance at high level input: > 86 dB Rise time: <0.8 µS
  • Harmonic distortion < 0.001% Damping factor: greater than 1000
  • Power consumption in standby mode: 0.6 VA, energy 90 VA, full load 200 VA


        Emitter II 

        • Output Power 8Ω 2 x 250W
        • Output Power 4Ω 2 x 450W
        • Output Power 2Ω 2 x 800W
        • Transformers 4 x 500VA
        • Power Supply 2 x Separate
        • Sieve capacity 757,520 uF
        • Total weight of Emitter I 108 kg

        Emitter II Exclusive

        • Output Power 8Ω 2 x 280W
        • Output Power 4Ω 2 x 490W
        • Output Power 2Ω 2 x 900W
        • Transformers 4 x 700VA
        • Power Supply 2 x Separate
        • Sieve capacity 957,520 uF
        • Total weight of Emitter I 111 kg

          Emitter I Exclusive with Battery Power Supply

          • Output Power 8Ω 2 x 280W
          • Output Power 4Ω 2 x 490W
          • Output Power 2Ω 2 x 900W
          • Transformers 4 x 700VA
          • Power Supply 2 x Separate
          • Sieve capacity 1,385,520 uF
          • Total weight of Emitter I 137 kg