StP VBT - Multilayer Damping

by STP
Rs. 5,990.00

STP VBT – a sheet multilayer material. The material is a multilayer combination that consists of a foamed polyethylene and duplicated facial layer (it is a sheet on the base of polymer-bitumen composition covered by a transparent film). The backing of the material is a uniform foamed polyethylene with smooth or rugged surface. The material and components can be used in the moderate and tropical climatic conditions with humidity up to 98%. The working temperature range is from 45ºC below zero to 70ºC above zero. The material can be mounted on the horizontal and angled surfaces. The material must be used in the conditions excluding long term contact with organic solvents.

Pack contains 3 sheets of 75 x 53cm / 12.83 sq ft total

Thickness: 10.0 mm

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