StP SPL 08 - Multilayer Damping

by STP
Rs. 7,990.00

STP SPL 08 – self-adhesive sound and heat insulating material. It is a combination of the penopolietilen (PPE) with the multiplicity of foam 30 and 8 mm thickness with an adhesive mounting layer covered by the antiadhesion layer. The material can be produced with an adhesive layer on both sides. There are also available common or non-flammable options of the material in sheets or the rolls. It has high heat insulation properties. Heat conductivity – 0,038 Wt/mK The working temperature range is from 40ºC below zero to 70ºC above zero. The material can be mounted to the metal, painted, plastic and other surfaces (the type of the surface should be indicated in the application). It is easily mounted to the vertical and curved surfaces; it does not absorb water and is resistant to the environment.

Pack contains 3 sheets of 75 x 100cm / 24.21 sq ft total

Thickness: 8.0 mm

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