Stetsom IR 400.4 - Four Channel Amplifier

by Stetsom
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The most compact line on the market! Enhanced source for stronger, sharper bass. Amazing design: High fidelity sound in the bass, mid and treble. Safety Energy: the best efficiency in the market. Unmatched ruggedness: Developed in high performance aluminium

Does not interfere with FM: To minimize unwanted interference to the FM, distribute the speaker cables as far as possible from the radio antenna cable, if you use an internal antenna, it must be grounded to the vehicle’s chassis.

The new IR 400.4 features 4 channels of 100W rms each and great installation versatility. Following the standard of the IRON line, the IR 400.4 is very compact and can be installed even in less conventional locations. With high efficiency and low consumption the IR 400.4 allows the user to play the sound for much longer without losing quality or sound definition.


4 Independent speakers:
2 in the front doors and 2 in the rear doors

With 4 Speakers:
2 in the front doors and 2 in the rear doors in the front channels plus a subwoofer in the trunk connected in bridge

With 2 independent speakers:
with 2 independent speakers in the doors plus 1 subwoofer in the trunk connected in bridge.

Be amazed by the high technology in Stetsom digital amplifiers.



Number of Channels 4
RMS Power at 2 Ohm 13.8V 4 x 100W RMS
RMS Power at 4 Ohm 13.8V 4 x 60 W RMS
Power @ 13.8V Bridge 4 Ohms 2 x 200W RMS
Supply Voltage 9 ~ 15V
Frequency Response 10Hz ~ 30 KHz
Crossover Low Pass 90 Hz
Crossover High Pass 90 Hz
Signal to Noise > 90 dB
Harmonic Distortion > 0,03 % THD
Input Sensitivity 200 mV
Input Impedance 20K Ohms
Impedance Output 2 Ohms Stereo / 4 Ohms Bridge
Consumption with Signal Musical 16 A
Consumption with Signal Bass 32 A
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 52 x 127,5 x 116
Weight Kg 0,630 Kg

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