Revel Concerta B120 - 12inch Powered Subwoofer

by Revel
Rs. 100,000.00

The Revel Concerta B120 is a high-performance powered subwoofer, designed to add essential bass response to any music or home theater system, particularly those built around Concerta Series loudspeakers. The B120 subwoofer delivers accurate and authoritative bass from a surprisingly compact enclosure. Adjustable controls, parametric room equalization and multiple connection options provide unequaled placement flexibility, and allow you to optimize low-frequency performance for any listening environment. An optional wireless transmitter greatly simplifies installation.

Featuring a 12" woofer with 1-1/2" peak-to-peak excursion and a 250-watt (RMS) amplifier, the B120 adds serious bass punch with very low distortion, even at the lowest frequencies and at high output levels. A huge 2"-diameter copper voice coil on a Kapton® bobbin, along with sophisticated cooling, contributes to impressive power handling and freedom from dynamic compression.


The B120’s proprietary woofer diaphragm is constructed of Micro Ceramic Composite (MCC), a new material created by deep-anodizing both sides of an aluminum core. Anodizing both sides of an aluminum core adds strength and stiffness – but very little weight – to a material already well suited for use in transducer diaphragms.

The B120 spider incorporates a superior-strength Nomex®/cotton blend with optimized geometry for increased linearity.

The large ceramic magnet motor system includes a 2"-(51mm)-diameter copper voice coil wound on a Kapton® bobbin for impressive power handling and freedom from dynamic compression. A vented center pole facilitates heat dissipation, allowing more efficient cooling for high-power handling and low compression.


250W RMS, 300W dynamic power

Fully Parametric Room EQ

Any subwoofer’s performance will be affected by the acoustics of the room in which the subwoofer is used, and where in the room the sub is situated. Certain low-bass frequencies may be adversely affected by standing waves (also known as room modes), where some frequencies are exaggerated (peaks), while others might be diminished (dips). To tame the subwoofer’s response in the listening room, the B120 features

a parametric room EQ function, with controls for frequency, level and bandwidth to tune out room- induced response anomalies.


The B120 cabinet is constructed of rigid MDF with extensive internal bracing to reduce cabinet-induced colorations. A downward-firing port allows for placement against a wall or in a cabinet. Rubber-padded feet ensure optimal stability on any floor surface.


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