REAL Cable AN99 - 75 Ohms Coaxial Digital Interconnect Cable

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Rs. 6,000.00

High-fidelity digital coaxial cable with dual-metal (copper/silver) conductor, triple shielding, monoblock metal connectors, Teflon protection, gold-plated contacts and silver hand soldering. The AN 99 from Real Cable has dual-metal (copper/silver) conductors and PE (polyurethane) insulation, in order to provide highly detailed and rich digital audio signal transmission.

99.99% oxygen free copper and silver (SPC) conductors, very strong section cable, triple shielding, metallic monoblock plugs, gold contacts, several available lengths, 1 male RCA plug / 1 male RCA plug. Thanks to the silver, the sound message gains in precision and fineness. The rendering is rich in micro-information.

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