Piega TMicro Sub - 7inch Powered Subwoofer

by Piega
Rs. 80,500.00

With an extensive technical and sound update, the new generation of the particularly compact and versatile PIEGA TMicro loudspeaker series is being launched. The new portfolio also includes the satellite TMicro 40 AMT, the slim column loudspeaker TMicro 60 AMT, the TMicro Center AMT and the subwoofer TMicro SUB.

The small but powerful TMicro SUB subwoofer is not only suitable for supporting the TMicro satellites or columns in the lower frequency ranges. Thanks to its additionally integrated stereo output stage, it even enables the direct connection of two TMicro 40 AMTs or 60 AMTs. This independent 2.1 stereo system in conjunction with a flat screen TV, MP3 player, iPhone or PC no longer requires a separate amplifier or receiver.


Please Note: Price quoted is for a single piece. 

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