Piega TMicro Centre AMT - Centre Speaker

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With an extensive technical and sound update, the new generation of the particularly compact and versatile PIEGA TMicro loudspeaker series is being launched. The new portfolio also includes the satellite TMicro 40 AMT, the slim column loudspeaker TMicro 60 AMT, the TMicro Center AMT and the subwoofer TMicro SUB.

The new ribbon tweeter known as the AMT-1 is being used for the first time in the PIEGA TMicro series. This transducer, which works according to the principle of the Air Motion Transformer, largely combines the benefits of ribbon technology with the economic production of a dome tweeter. An extremely light, 24 x 36 mm folded diaphragm and a powerful magnetic drive made of high-purity neodymium ensure an airy and detailed sound with excellent transient response and the lowest levels of distortion. The “MDS” cone drivers, which were also developed by PIEGA, are responsible for the reproduction of mid and low frequencies.

The aluminium cabinets – which in the TMicro series are exceptionally slim – have also been re-engineered. They are available in the three versions of silver or black anodised and white lacquered, and continue to feature a C-profile which is both elegant and extremely stable at the same time. Due to their shape, which is rounded towards the baffle and the rear, the cabinets have no right angles whatsoever, so that no internal standing waves can arise either. In this way, power- ful, tight and deep bass reproduction is ensured in spite of the compact dimensions. Particularly elegant features are the new TMicro models, thanks to the front grille now integrated directly into the cabinet.

Home cinema fans who would like to put together a high quality multi-channel system from the TMicro speakers find that the landscape format of the TMicro Centre AMT represents a centre loudspeaker which is perfectly matched to the sound characteristics of the satellites and columns. Two 100 mm MDS low mid-range drivers and the AMT-1 ribbon tweeter bring out the actors‘ dialogues with outstanding speech intel- ligibility, which is extremely important for a relaxing viewing experience.


Please Note: Price quoted is for a single piece. 

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