Piega PS 101 - 9inch Powered Subwoofer

by Piega
Rs. 194,000.00

The PS 101 subwoofer was developed with a special focus on achieving outstanding Hi-Fi acoustic qualities. That is why the highly efficient bass reflex design with two 22 cm LDB bass drivers was chosen.


The subwoofer stands out on account of its airy, extremely precise deep bass sound with fantastic dynamics and perfect impulse reproduction. A brilliant combination even with the most high-end PIEGA loudspeakers.


A highly efficient bass reflex design with two 22 cm LDB bass drivers. The drivers are state of the art and are remarkable for their extremely low-loss suspension and very rigid membrane, which functions as a piston.


INTEGRATED AMPLIFIER - 300 watts (peak) / 150 watts (rms)
SENSITIVITY - variable
FREQUENCY RANGE - 28 Hz – 3 dB / variable
DIMENSIONS - H 42 cm x W 36 cm x D 40 cm
WEIGHT - 25 kg
DESIGN PRINCIPLE - Active bass reflex subwoofer
EQUIPMENT - 2 x 22 cm LDB bass
CONNECTION - LFE Line In / Hi Level
DESIGNS - Silver varnish cabinet, silver cover / Black varnish cabinet, black cover / White varnish cabinet, white cover



Please Note: Price quoted is for a single piece. 

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