Piega Classic 5.0 - Floorstanding Speaker (Pair)

by Piega
Rs. 240,000.00

It was almost 30 years ago that the first PIEGA loudspeakers came into existence at Horgen on the banks of Lake Zurich. Four timelessly beautiful loudspeakers which – very unusual for the time – premièred with aplomb in perfect piano finish as standard. The quartet was fitted with an innovative chassis unit and the first LDR ribbon tweeter developed and fabricated by PIEGA. Over the coming decades, PIEGA progressed from these roots to become the leading manufacturer of ribbon tweeters and coaxial mid-range and high-range drivers, also known for its use of seamlessly rendered aluminium cabinets.

The latest PIEGA loudspeakers forge a link with the company’s beginnings: The PIEGA Classic Series is a homage to the origins of the Swiss audio specialist. In their styling and materials, the five variously sized floor speakers, the shelf loudspeaker and the centre speaker evoke this historical trajectory and allow lovers of classically styled loudspea- kers access to the unique PIEGA ribbon technology – a global leader.

The distinguishing features of the new premium models of this new loudspeaker family are the refined wooden cabinets, which are available either in piano finish or high- gloss, polished Macassar ebony wood veneer. The units, elegantly rounded and pressed into a ‚C’ shape to the rear, bear witness to the relationship with the similarly styled aluminium series Coax and Premium. The baffle and the forward-leaning top section are covered with ’Napalette’, which gives the Classic models a very unique visual touch. In addition, the cabinets, with extensive interior reinforce- ment, Idikell sound absorption and 25 mm thick walls, are optimised for excellent bass reproduction without any disturbing vibration or resonance.

In addition to the three imposing luxury loudspeakers, the Classic Series also includes four models that are no less elegant but considerably more cost-effective; these are available in cabinet variants sporting a piano black or white finish or high-gloss, polished Macassar ebony. The four Classic entry-level models offer more than just compelling styling: They also have innovative technical components and captivating musical qualities. The highlight is constitu- ted by the newly developed AMT-1 tweeter’s commemora- tion of its origins. To a considerable extent, this transducer, which operates on the principle of the Air Motion Trans- former (AMT), combines the advantages offered by ribbon technology with the cost-effective production of a dome tweeter. Specially designed versions of PIEGA’s proprietary, particularly long-throw bass and mid-range speakers cater to the reproduction of all other frequencies.

Two 130 mm MDS bass and mid-range speakers help this particularly sleek floor cabinet, measuring just 18 centimetres in width, to achieve astonishingly powerful bass resonance. The columns, which are close to one metre in height, are the perfect acoustic transducers for smaller and mid-sized spaces, where they ensure, thanks to AMT-1 Air Motion tweeter, a very spatial, finely dispersed Hi-Fi sound that stages both classical music and pop music with delicacy.

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