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Pangea Premier USB Cable A to B Digital Interconnect Cable

Original price ₹ 3,300 - Original price ₹ 5,200
Original price ₹ 3,300
₹ 3,300
₹ 3,300 - ₹ 5,200
Current price ₹ 3,300
Length: 1.0m

An Entry-Level Audiophile USB Cable That Sounds Like a Million Bucks... Pangea Audio's Premier USB may have an entry-level price, but the performance is anything but. It sounds like a million bucks. Premier is an audiophile USB cable that offers a significant upgrade from stock USB cables. If you love streaming music, you'll love the benefits of switching to Pangea Premier USB. Premier USB's features include precision-wound 23-gauge signal conductors using oxygen-free copper plated with 1.25% pure silver. It also boasts a separately shielded 20 AWG tinned copper power conductor, an advanced form of PE polyethylene insulation, and a tough woven nylon braided jacket.

We occasionally get questions about USB cables from customers who are getting into digital audio streaming. They wonder why it would be worth investing in an audiophile-grade USB cable when they've been told that all USB cables are created equal as far as digital signals are concerned – that a $5 cable conveys the "zeros and ones" of a digital stream just as well as a more expensive cable.

For the definitive answer, we asked Pangea Audio cable design expert, Jay Victor, "How can one digital USB cable sound better than another?"

"A USB cable is not just carrying a bunch of zeros and ones," explained Jay. "The cable carries an electrical signal from one circuit to another. Lots of things can interfere with this signal, like radio frequency interference (RFI) and electromagnetic interference (EMI). Anything that affects that signal will cause distortion. Some of these distortions are bound to be audible."

This made sense to us. We've heard differences between the various USB cables we sell. Some of our customers swear by USB cables costing $1,000 and more. So USB cable quality definitely matters. However, the cost of a high-quality cable doesn't have to break the bank. Especially when the cable is made by Pangea Audio.

"How Can We Make Our USB Cables Better?"
After three years of making and selling the popular Pangea Audio USB-PC and USB-AG cables, Pangea Audio challenged Jay. How could he make these cables even better?

"I can think of two things right away. We can increase the gauge of the signal conductors and use a more advanced type of insulation," answered Jay. "But give me a little time and I'll think of some more things to improve."

A few weeks later, Jay followed up. "I came up with three designs…. This entry-level USB cable is an audiophile design all the way. For Pangea Premier USB, I've taken the basics of the design of the mid-level cable, Premier SE, including the advanced PE insulation and triple shielding. But in order to keep the price tag low and the performance level high, I use a high grade 23-gauge oxygen-free copper plated with 1.25% pure silver for the conductors. This cable will kick ass if sold for anything less than $50."

We invite you to try Pangea Audio's Premier USB cable for yourself. You'll discover it to be a huge upgrade from standard USB cables and far superior to any other USB cable in its price range and beyond. 
  • Description: USB A to B, molded connectors with gold plating
  • Tough woven nylon braided jacket (black/blue)
  • Signal Conductors: 23 AWG 1.25% Silver-plated oxygen-free copper
  • Signal Conductor Insulation: Advanced form of PE polyethylene
  • Power Conductors: 20 AWG tinned copper
  • Shielding: Triple Shielded. Signal shielded from power, and overall double shield